Monday, August 16, 1999
2:00pm PDT

San Jose, CA
So here I am, on a very long street, standing infront of the building in which Bungie West, creators of the upcoming action game Oni, work and play. The unassuming building looms infront of me as I take a gulp from my Snapple Ice Tea, and with a nod I go in.

I was told to go to Suite 27, so I quickly checked the floor plan to see that it's on the second floor. I went up the steps, down a hallway (where some renovations were on its way) until I get to the door that says 27 Bungie Software, Inc.

I knock a the door and wait. I quickly check my equipment... camera, tape recorder, Snapple, my questions for the interview...all there. Suddenly the door opens and I am greeted by Brent Pease, project co-ordinator and lead engineer of the Bungie West team. Like on the phone, Brent is a very nice guy and quickly lets me in to the domain that holds the team of talented people who are making one of the anticipated games of the year.

Hamilton Chu and Sean Turbitt talking business

So there I was, in the office where Oni is being developed. I get greeted by the various members of the Bungie West team who are hard at work doing their thing for Oni. I look around a little and see posters hanging everywhere, a load of computers, and a lot of stuff everywhere. Now that is what I call my kinda organised mess :)

Brent takes me into a small room which was in the middle of this one floor office they had, in which there were a couch and 2 seats and a table with two monitors that seemed to be hooked up to a blue & white G3. Facing that was a whiteboard and some sort of plan hung up next to it. I myself only caught a glimpse of it, but it sounded all very cool.

So I sat down on the couch and Brent sat himself down on one of the chairs, and we started the interview.