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Making Oni do things it doesn't want to.

Prof Theo's SUPA SKRIPT!

Good script that does strange things to shinatama on level 13.

Haev fun...


Click to download...

The Character Animation Theater v2.0

By Bongo - Powered by OniShots


After seeing Julian Fong's sneeze script, I saw potential in it and decided to write a chr_animate script myself

Huge thanks to Brian Pepper for the new chr_animate values.

This script does 2 things:

  1. Make Konoko do every move she can, burn her in acid, and drive around in imaginary motorbikes.
  2. Provide a great "Theater" for moves and weapons (for an example, see here)




Click here to download:
The Character Animation Theater v2.0

Konoko can do many more character animations than shown in the script...and they dont need to be hers to do them...but I do not know the script commands for them. If, while digging through a .bsl file you see a line that starts with chr_animate with capital letters following, email it to me with TCAT as the subject, and I will add it.

How to Use:

Place the warehouse_training_scripts.bsl file in your GameDataFolder/IGMD/EnvWarehouse directory. Remember to make a backup of the original first.

Have fun,

Bongo (



A poseur camera script

Julian Fong, in his attempt to capture a sneeze on camera, went one better and has written a static camera script of sorts (see opposite).

By replacing your current warehouse_training_scripts.bsl file with this one (rename your old one first), you can enjoy seeing full frontal Konoko action. Make sure you give the new script the same name as the old one.

After the Sneeze and Yawn, you can run around and perform moves right up in front of the camera. Or just stand there gazing in adoration into her eyes, if you're into that sort of thing...



Left: She's gonna blow!
Middle: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...
Right: In a contemplative mood


3 more Static Cam Scripts

Julian Fong, the maker of the poser cam script (above) also recently made 3 more
He writes:

Staticcam_lvl1-combat.bsl allows you to fight Karen in the training arena if you want to get shots of combat against a live opponent. Other than that, it's a pretty annoying experience... if you want to get a cool shot, you'd be better off standing still and letting her pummel you. (But as I point out in the commentary for the script, if she throws you offscreen and you can't find your way back, you may have to restart the game.)....


Click to download:


....Staticcam_lvl2.bsl and staticcam_lvl4.bsl use cameras from cutscenes in the Manufacturing Plant and Airport levels, for looking at other characters such as Muro, Barabas, female Strikers, Tankers, Konoko in her dress uniform, etc

This looks to get us some great shots in the future...


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