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May 11, 2001
Omni Group's Oni for Mac OS X to be shown at WWDC

Amidst all the flurry of E3 news, views and reports I was able to find out that Omni Group's port of Oni (to Mac OS X using Cocoa) will be shown at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference next week.

Oni for the Macintosh does currently run under OS X, but poorly so. Omni Group's port will prove to be a valuable addition to Mac OS X gaming.

(Thanks to Miguel for the head's up!)

May 11, 2001
More details on next Oni game emerge

According to my source, the engine is being redone so that more detail can be put into the environments and characters, yet it will retain the far visibility that Oni currently has. Think Heavy Metal FAKK2 and Oni.

New fan art

And it's all original stuff too! Go head to the (new and improved) fan art page and check 'em out! Many thanks to Claude Errera for coding a database for the fan art. You view seven thumbnails on a page now, and you can browse with some handy little link buttons. Thanks to Minna, zOnk, Andrew and Krinon for their submissions!

Got news? Send it in!

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