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February 26, 2001
More key configuration solutions

Geoff "Sniper Geoff" MacIntosh wrote a very handy key config application, and now it's available for Macintosh too! You can grab it off Oni Central now!

Scan of an Oni review

Mark Levin sent me a scan of an Oni review in a local paper, the "Daily Illini". The reviewer didn't seem to be very informed when it came to controls... Anyhow, it's up in the scans section. Beware of spoilers!

February 23, 2001
Take Two invests big in Oni

Cpt. Sqweky pointed out this article on the forum, talking about Take Two investing 5 million US Dollars in the game. Check out the article for more.

Oni reviews

February 20, 2001
Oni at Slashdot

Following the article on Oni at FEED, there is a Slashdot thread on game plots which include mention of Oni in many places. Be sure to check it out for a good read (Thanks Mark Levin and Decimal Dave).

Oni reviews

XGR also has an Oni gameplay movie up, it's in DivX format (Thanks Ultramag).

Test your Oni knowledge

3DActionPlanet has a small Oni quiz up where you can see if you were really paying attention in Oni (Thanks Lophan).

OniShots competition

Hosted site OniShots is holding a competition, here's what Bongo had to say:

We are having a Konoko shots competition, after the recent poll reporting that Konoko is by far the favorite of all the characters. Entries close on the 5th of march.

The three sections are:

Best Action Shot
Best Non-Action Shot
Funniest Shot

So get snapping!

Check out OniShots for more.

February 16, 2001
FEED on Oni's story

Now this is interesting, not quite Gamasutra, but close. FEED, an e-zine, took a look at Oni in terms of story and design with an interview with Hardy LeBel, who was the lead designer of Oni. It's a great read, so check it out.

Need more reviews? Get them at...

Additionally, Oni is featured in GamePro and Newsweek, check out for those items.

Oni featured at

Oni got its own feature at, talking about how Oni is Mac OS X ready and can even be played with the Mac OS X Beta, it's an interesting read. There's even a link to Oni Central's key configurator! Check it out.

Walkthroughs and game guides

Stuck in Oni? Well head over to Gamespot for a guide or All Oni's walkthrough for your Oni needs.

February 13, 2001
Another place to win Oni

As seen on if you go to this page at Hypothermia you can enter in an Oni giveaway by sending in your e-mail address. One of three copies of Oni could be yours!

More reviews at...

February 12, 2001
Oni and Mac OS 9.1: Conflicts?

Saw this over at MacFixIt; there seem to be reports that Oni may conflict with Mac OS 9.1, although I myself being on 9.1 have had zero problems with the demo. Interesting tidbit, though.

Download demos, win a copy of Oni

If you head over to this page at The Gaming Planet, and download demos you are automatically entered in a draw for one of four copies of Oni. Check it out! (Thanks

Reviews a-plenty

And here's where you can find 'em:

February 9, 2001
Oni team joins Halo team

Harry here, alive and well. Thanks to Claude for stepping in whilst I was sick. Anyhow, I just read Matt Soell's latest weekly Halo update; and the big news is that the Oni team have now joined the Halo team to work on Bungie's next game Halo. More talent added to the gang, very cool!

February 7, 2001
What would you say to Oni tools?

Well, Harry's pretty sick, so I've been called in to do some updates. So here goes. To start with, there's a new poll up and running - "If we could convince Bungie/Take 2 to release some Oni tools, would you be interested?" It's a great question - head on over and make your voice heard! (Thanks to .derf for the suggestion.)


More reviews up

Three more reviews came on line today:

Also, as seen on the forum, there's a pretty positive review in Stuff Magazine's February 2001 issue.

Dark Horse Oni Site Opens

Thanks to Bachus, who noted on our forum that Dark Horse has opened their Oni site, with new desktops, a contest, and previews.

Hints Site Opens

InsidePS2 Games has added an Oni Hints section - if you're stuck, this might be a place to look.

Downloadable Key Configurator

For those who don't want to use the online Key Configurator supplied by a couple of Bungie employees (and hosted by us), SniperGeoff posted on our forum a few days ago about a downloadable program he's created to do the same thing. (It's windows-only, because the Mac version doesn't need it.) You can grab it here.

Well, that ought to do it for tonight...

February 6, 2001
Catch-up on news

Yipe. I apologise for the lack of updates. Anyhow, here's what's been happening in the world of Oni:

Take 2 seems to have launched an Oni prequel...but don't hold your breaths. It seems to be WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) only. Read about it here. Apparantly the game will be available at (Thanks Sean Phelps, Merripen and Robert Faulks).

Reviews of Oni can be found at:

Both MacGamer and have some very nice Oni desktops. Speaking of which, if you head to Rockstar's downloads section you will find a new Oni desktop in various resolutions.

February 1, 2001
Wanna configure your keys the easy way?

So Oni doesn't have an option for configuring controls in the game. But the good guys at Bungie came up with something nifty, The Oni Key Configurator! Check it out, it's real easy to use and outputs a text file with all your binds. Special thanks to My modem is on fire and Yeroen!

The Oni community has grown

Ever since the release of the Oni demo in December, I have witnessed an increasing amount of forum posting and fan sites happen. I want to focus on the fan sites though; it's good to see some people do something for a game they also like. Below is a list of all the Oni fan sites that have recently popped up:


Loads more reviews

Much needed attention for Oni at:

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