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July 31, 2000
Vote for Oni! has a poll on their main page asking "What game are you most looking forward to?" Oni is currently third with 17%, and YOU should go over there and make sure it becomes No. 1!

(Link shamelessly stolen from those monkeys at sister site

Oni featured in articles

I received two articles from two different sources which both feature Oni. The first was from Morgan Aldridge, a small article on women in games. The second article from forge was from PCGamer and is more focused on Bungie. A link to the scan is included below.

July 14, 2000
My visit to Bungie West - Part 3

It was overdue. It should have been up a long time ago. But now it's really up! The third and last part of my interviews with Bungie West staff is FINALLY up for reading! The last interviews are with Chris Porter, Michael Evans and Hardy LeBel. Because the photos of the members are on another computer, the last three interviews look slightly bare, but I'll be sure to add them once I get to the other computer. There's a lot of info to make up for this though!!

I apologise for not having this up earlier in the year, but things got in the way. Anyhow it's up and it completes the Oni Central exclusive feature!

July 12, 2000
New addition to Oni Central

The main page at Oni Central now sports a new link which takes you to a FAQ which is intended to answer any lingerning questions people have about Oni. I receive many e-mails from people asking basically the same questions, and we get that kind of thing at the forum too.

So check out the new FAQ and if you have comments/suggestions/corrections etc., then please e-mail me!

July 11, 2000
Oni in San Francisco Chronicle

Dan Rudolph posted this on the forum:

According to an article at, Oni was mentioned in a San Francisco Chronicle article about women in video games. The article was from Thursday the 6th.

I went to the homepage of the San Francisco Chronicle and found the article titled "Women Warriors." Check out how Konoko is mentioned.

On a slightly related note, I found a link to this page at, and article on "The New Action Heroines", and yes Konoko is mentioned.

July 5, 2000
Do you think Oni will be out this Fall?

There are a lot of hints that point towards a release of Oni in October, especially if it is going to be a launch title for the PlayStation 2. The new poll asks what you think about Fall being the release date for Oni.

July 1, 2000
MGL has a new Oni desktop image

And what a beauty it is! Head over to this page to grab a copy of the image by brad Custer in one of 8 different resolutions. Then e-mail Brad and tell him how cool it is.

(Thanks for the heads up, bob the warrior)

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