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February 28, 2000
Site updates

Well, the Web Reviews page seems to be filled up nicely, so now you can go and read past previews/sneak peeks of Oni. I'm also receiving webcam grabs from people, which of course are added to the webcam grabs page.

Thanks to all who have written in or posted at the forum about the new Oni Central, I really appreciate your feedback and I'm happy you like the new design and organisation. The forum's busy these days, so make sure you go post too!

February 25, 2000
Slowly but surely...

I'm still rebuilding all the stuff from Oni Central, and you might have noticed things slowly coming back. Today I added a lot of websites to the web reviews page, and I am going to tackle the archives a bit more later today.

February 24, 2000
German Interview

Special thanks to Hamish Sinclair for pointing me to a German interview at with PR man Doug Zartman. Of course, I translated it for all you non-german speaking folks out there.

February 22, 2000
More WebCam madness

Gary Carroll sent in 3 pictures of some soccer playing fun last night in San Jose. Go take a look!

February 21, 2000
WebCam Grabs page

Added a webcam grabs page to the archives, whenever I spot something cool, funny or whatever on the Westcam, I'll put it up there. Submissions are of course welcomed!

Quiet before the storm...

Saw this on the Bungie West webcam just now. Just looked so peaceful, and quiet with Morning sunlight coming through the one window.

Oni news from Japan

Forgot to mention this in my news catch up two days ago: Achilles ///// HD posted something about Oni concerning Japan on our forum. Go take a look and voice your thoughts.

February 20, 2000
Oni on Take 2 website

Just thought I'd like to mention that Take 2's US website has Konoko in their web site design.

Interestingly enough, Take 2 says Oni is SET to be published this summer. Again, this cannot be seen as a real release date unless it's from Bungie.

February 19, 2000
Catch up on news

Well, during Oni Central's downtime, stuff has been happening around Oni. Coincidence?

To begin with, two online previews of Oni came out, one by Gamespot UK, the other by Gamertech. No new screenshots, but Gamertech boasts all sorts of information and only rates Oni 9 out of 10 because the possible lack of internet multiplayer.

Next comes some stuff from Bungie themselves: Bungie West is in need of another texture artist/3D modeler, seems like they are going into full steam to get this game done. Also, they still seek a programmer to do work on the AI system, among other things. Recently, we heard that Chris Butcher joined the Bungie West team, but his responsibilities are unknown to this point. On another note, Alex Okita has put up the Westcam, a Bungie West webcam looking at the corner where Chris Hughes, Hamilton Chu, Steve Abeyta and Alex himself work.

Oni Central is back!

Woohoo! Finally back again, and as you can see the return brings in a new design. I hope all is easier to navigate, and from now on the main page at Oni Central will give you only the headlines of the news posted, so page loading is faster and you know what's new real quick.

Another change is that I, Harry, am now the sole maintainer of Oni Central, so if you have news to submit, send it to me. Not everything is restored yet, I am working on getting all the archived stuff back into the new Oni Central ASAP.

Special thanks to Claude Errera for helping me sort out Oni Central, and Phil for providing the space for hosting Oni Central. You rock guys!

I'll be catching up with the recent Oni happenings as soon as I get it all sorted out :) Please let me know what you think of the new Oni Central!

-Harry Al-Shakarchi (aka TomeOne)

Got news? Send it in!

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