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More Oni sites and related stuff on the web:

Bungie Software
The developers of Oni.

Bungie's Oni website
The official Oni website at Bungie.

Take 2 Games
The company owning Rockstar Games and Gathering of Developers.

Rockstar Games
The developers that ported Oni to the PlayStation 2.

Oni at Rockstar Games
Rockstar's Oni site (for the PlayStation 2 version).

Gathering of Developers
The homepage of Oni's publisher (for PC/Macintosh).

Gathering of Developers' Oni site
Oni's home at Gathering of Developers.

Alex Okita's homepage
Alex Okita, a member of Bungie West (who are developing Oni),
has his own webpage with all sorts of stuff. Go check it out!

Mehve's Aerie
The homepage of Lorraine Reyes, she does the anime
art seen on the official Oni website, ads, etc.

Other Fan Sites:




Oni Express

Oni Online

All Oni


ONI Net Realm

Syndicate HQ

ONI Network

The Shapeshifter

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