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#1 02/06/21 05:02

Registered: 01/14/07

Buy Oni official soundtrack - show your love for Oni

Hi guys,

In discord server Iritscen just posted that Marty O'Donnell posted the original sound track with some bonus, feel free to listen and to buy the album to show your support for Oni developers:

https://martyodonnell1.bandcamp.com/alb … soundtrack

For those who buy, the tracks can be downloaded in very high quality (e.g. FLAC and ALAC).



#2 04/28/21 22:04

From: Wisconsin, USA
Registered: 01/14/07

Re: Buy Oni official soundtrack - show your love for Oni

This is really cool!  Bandcamp is a great platform--Had no idea Marty still held the copyright on these tunes.

After a listen, it doesn't sound like there's anything extra included that wasn't in the official soundtrack release (the one with the Best Buy logo on the cover).

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#3 04/29/21 06:04

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Buy Oni official soundtrack - show your love for Oni

Yes, it looks like the extras were the images (some random art, including a drawing of a Fury labeled "Konoko" roll ) and the sheet music for "Hurry" (unlabeled, but the fans figured out which track it was and posted a couple MIDI renditions of it on Discord).  The soundtrack itself is the same as the original, but very high quality.

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