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#1 14/2/19 2:12

Registered: 14/2/19

ONI 2 Czech

It is presentation of Dan Vávra, Czech gamedesigner ( Mafia and upcoming Mafia 2 lead gamedesigner ) talking about a gamedesign and stuff. It is in Czech (so no use for you guys) but ...... set video timer to 1 hour 13 minutes (near the end of video) to see one of his projects, which was shot down in prototype stage by Take 2. All similarities are of course pure conicidence ^_^



#2 14/2/19 9:22

From: NC, USA
Registered: 22/10/07

Re: ONI 2 Czech

Hmm, sounds interesting, but did you forget the link? :-)  I know that forum newbies can't post live URLs, but you can mangle the URL a little bit (maybe just remove the "www.") and the forum will let you post it.

byproducts are fine, but where's the beef?


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