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#1 11/1/19 3:21

Registered: 13/8/16

I convinced this youtuber to play oni!

guys feel free to watch smile since I like oni I convinced this youtuber to play oni and he makes one chapter everyday on youtube this is is his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCooThA … NfA/videos at first he was playing anniversary edition then I told him to change back to the original since it was unprofessional kinda and the main menu screen was unprofessional and a lot of spam in the npcs I preferred the original and he switched back to the original channel name = 'CJOMEGA' he's playing this game for the first time and he has no idea what is it about and I told him to pick the evil ending if it ever lets him decide and he said 'i'm usually a good guy i did not know this game had an evil or  bad ending thank you shendu for letting me know but i feel the character has a personality so ill choose whatever makes sense for her' in one of his videos big_smile


#2 11/1/19 12:00

Christoff 51
From: United States
Registered: 25/12/18

Re: I convinced this youtuber to play oni!

Is this a promotion?


#3 14/1/19 6:50

From: Poland
Registered: 29/12/10

Re: I convinced this youtuber to play oni!

That's nice - My attempts to convince anyone to play Oni proved futile - the concept of a mix between TPS and a complex fighting game apparently was just way too incomprehensible, alien and wonky to my friends.

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