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#1 22/11/17 16:47

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Who Is Konoko in real life?

Hi! nostalgia hit me for the last couple weeks and i've been continually watching youtube videos of oni bungie and then i just saw how cute konoko looked and nostalgia hit me even more and was wondering who does she represent in real life it would be really cool if a real life person represented her anime character not the voice actress although the voice actress was really good at playing konoko but a person who looks like her and inspired her character to be created like the mortal kombat characters they were based of real people

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#2 22/11/17 17:27

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Re: Who Is Konoko in real life?

As far as I know, the closest thing to an inspiration for Konoko was Ghost in the Shell's Motoko Kusanagi, though that's not a real person.  The idea was to create a cyberpunk animé-style character, so it made more sense to imitate previous animé/manga than real life.

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