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#1 11/18/15 23:11

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I did a video about Oni

Hey folks!
I'm a game developer and I sometimes make videos about obscure things I find interesting. Last night on a whim I did a quick one about Oni/Oni modding. Hopefully you can't tell that I'm sick and was in kind of a daze when I did it. Hope ya'll dig.


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#2 11/19/15 00:11

From: NC, USA
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Re: I did a video about Oni

Oh, hey, thanks for making a video about us!  Sorry that newbies aren't allowed to post live URLs, I fixed it for you.  I enjoyed your video, and it was in fact pretty accurate smile  I see that you know about the wiki, so you might learn some things if you look at the Bungie West article and the main article on Oni itself.  It's true that they did just release Oni, and they barely even got to finish it before the MS acquisition led to Oni being pushed out the door.

Anyway, it was cool to see the community's work being highlighted from an outsider perspective (of course, you're not really an outsider since you were a fan back in the day). Though I kicked myself when you showed the incomplete Modding Oni wiki article smile  I keep meaning to finish that, or try to help finish it.

But yeah, it's nice to see people still remember Oni and find positive things to say about it.  And it's very impressive what the community has accomplished with modding (I'm also speaking from an outsider perspective here since I'm not one of the people who reverse-engineered the game data or made new character and levels), so I'm happy to see them get some kudos.

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#3 11/21/15 12:11

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Re: I did a video about Oni

This is super nice, thanks. smile

Harry | oni.bungie.org


#4 11/22/15 03:11

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Re: I did a video about Oni

No probs! Glad you folks enjoyed it. smile
Wish I'd known how much was on account of the Microsoft acquisition when I made it - I would normally have spent more time on research, but I did this thing totally on a whim in the middle of a very hot night while having the flu. I'm astonished it happened at all!

I've always wanted to make some kind of spiritual successor to Oni, and kinda hope to do it after my current project, assuming that gets shipped (it's a first person stealth game).


#5 11/22/15 06:11

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Re: I did a video about Oni

Any of the admins thought about organizing kickstarter for oni successor or is it too complicated?


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