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#26 30/1/08 13:00

From: beyond the veil
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Re: Art Album / Project Konoko V

"what is the link to Rina's art on DA?" http://66reddog.deviantart.com/
"I really want to put a buttload of detail and shading into it." So do we.
Did you release any of your stuff in vector format "for the rest of us"?

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#27 30/1/08 13:38

From: NC, USA
Registered: 22/10/07

Re: Art Album / Project Konoko V

Well, I can't upload SVGs to Photobucket.  That's the only thing preventing me.  Remember, I do plan to open a space on oni2.net (although I haven't asked the Man In Charge yet because I'm not ready to act just now).  Then I can upload any type of file.  But I also want to focus on putting up new content week after week.  The amount of work I've done so far is piddly compared to what I have planned so I want to build it up quickly.

I could comment on what Rina's got up on DA, in a constructive criticism sort of way, but there's only a couple chibi illustrations (which are cute), and two pages of Konoko faces.  The pages of faces say that they are variants.  So... is Rina not going for Lorraine's style?  I thought you/she was/were/are looking for advice, but if she wants to do her own thing, then I'm not going to criticize it, because it's her own thing.  If she wants to do Konoko according to the style of the master herself, I can help her get a handle on it.  For instance, I can point to three features on Rina's Konoko face which make her look too mannish in comparison to Lorraine's Konoko.

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