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#51 24/3/12 13:10

From: Paradise
Registered: 3/7/07

Re: Phobias?

Yoriko wrote:

I also like capturing frogs and toads.

I once picked up a frog. It bit me. Now I have one finger missing.

Does your blood burn when you kill? Mine does


#52 24/3/12 23:38

From: Ottawa, Ontario - Canada
Registered: 29/5/07

Re: Phobias?

berry wrote:

Ok, guess what? The wood louse/pill bug/potato bug is actually edible. Maybe they taste like a potato (potato bug). Haha. Crunchy , crispy potato. Sounds like potato chips smile

I think most bugs are "edible" the question is, why would you want to hmm

@Coyote - Seriously?!

"He looks mean enough to tear my arm off and beat me to death with it. In fact, he looks mean enough to tear his OWN arm off and beat me to death with it."


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