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#26 27/9/11 6:38


Re: An Oni casual game?

is anyone actually working on this ? or is it just brainstorming

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#27 27/9/11 11:46

Lukas Kreator

Re: An Oni casual game?

I'd try to make a tower defense in Unity, if I had models, textures, sounds and stuff.
Actually, Unity makes it quite simple, so it wouldn't be much difficult for us.

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#28 27/9/11 12:19


Re: An Oni casual game?

Mukade wrote:

How about an Oni RPG? I know of programs that make that kind of stuff easy, sorta like a pokemon type thing. You'd have to make textures and stuff, but it might be fun to try ^_^

Yeah that's the idea I suggested showing my old attempt. A tower defense game may be fun too.

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