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#51 20/6/11 16:33

From: Sweden, Gothenburg
Registered: 15/2/11

Re: Who is the most toughest opponent for you?

Tankers are very offensive and they do a buckload of damage with their attacks but just guarding yourself and dodge when they do heavy attacks you'll be fine, one thing that can get the drop on me is their forward punch/push that they usually follow up with their devestating punch combo.

When fighting elite striker you should do very low risk attacks, their blocking skills are awesome but their really slow at getting up and reacting so fast unpredictable (they like attacking you in the middle of a combo if they've blocked the first attack) attacks I find being very efficent at taking them down.

-I noticed that the hackers of oni community made a lot of modifications before they locked me up, do you have any idea what they want with an old game? -Modifications? What kind of modifications?
-Hard to tell, without getting a look at things but it looks like they're repurposing it. -Why?
-Beats me, all the game has is brutal melee combat and furious gunplay. -I dont like the sound of that.....


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