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#1 24/2/11 8:35

Registered: 21/2/07

My music is music by me that's mine

If someone who's born before the 90's remembers me from the old oni central forum they'd know I used to make crappy music.

Well now I make a little bit better crappy music and it's the most right moment to share it!

I'll though not post all 69 000 000 tracks I made, just a couple of random ones I like, divided by genres, so you could choose what you prefer and I WOULD LIKE a reply <3

Hardcore & hardstyle (yeah you don't wanna hear this):
Love Kicks 2 (love and hard kicks make somethin' beautiful) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6760
With The F-cking Music (this might kill you) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6828
Z-HARDCORE (this might kill you twice) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6883
Jumpstyle is Power (I like shuffle & jumpstyle) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6824
nadRusalka (it means something cool in bulgarian) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6224
I am Sekko (me being sweet again) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6559

Opportunity (featuring my friend - a black guy) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6866
Come and Hug me (featuring me and some girl) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6774
Blood & Gore & Sh-t (cute name rite) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6291
F-ck off (only that's cuter) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6601
VioBass (ah, music with history) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6046

Techno & trance
F-cking Weed (great influence) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6762
Got A Chance - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6823
Forget it (this is lighter, as with most of my tracks, I just expressed all my terrible emotions in it.. so enjoy) http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6892

Hip-hop, bass and such
Bass Dream (very lovable) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/5369
Ohai Bass Man (very bassy) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6893
N.E.V.E.R. (that features Konoko & Muro) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6890
Your Fear (I sing and there's a piano!) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6694
Cokaine Zero (yay) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6544

Dance / Club
PSN Expo (this one won a bunch of awards) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6396
PSN Club Party (yay) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6279

Planet of Sh-ts (aww cute again!) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6450
Trance Endless (this is sooo long... I could make a joke here) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6416
1 Man Club (this doesn't go anywhere) - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/5562


I actually have tons of music here which I feel like sharing with ya - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/1148
and I desperately want comments so whoever has the time and lacks hearing - check them out and post here.

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#2 24/2/11 16:34

From: NC, USA
Registered: 22/10/07

Re: My music is music by me that's mine

Only had time so far to listen to PSN Expo and N.E.V.E.R., but they're quite good.  What is the story behind the PSN Expo/Club Party tracks, were those used in something?  By the way, looks like you upgraded your website quite a bit since I last saw it.

byproducts are fine, but where's the beef?


#3 24/2/11 18:02

Registered: 21/2/07

Re: My music is music by me that's mine

When did you last see it? ;p
Yeah, three years of work is wasted on that portal, and it's going really nice finally. Not to mention the money spent for the traffic.

PSN Expo joined a national contest for electronic music, it was fun that they invite me in such stuff.
Thanks for checking them out!

Edit: New techno track, check it out will ya guyz - http://portal2.sektorz.net/?q=node/6902
It's called "I love my babe"... ain't that nice :3

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