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#1 27/4/09 12:15

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Another Vista problem...

So I tried to re-install the edition, recently, for reason I wont bother to go into here,
and I saw a bunch of errors, like file not found, and Access denied.
I don't know if its just my computer, but I finally figured out that the security settings had been heightened for some reason.
anyway, for those who encounter this problem when using onisplt, or running big_deal, etc.
to get around it, what you need to do is run the command prompt as an administrator.
to do this,
go to the start menu, select all programs, go to accessories, right click on Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.
when it opens just type:
cd C:\Program Files\Oni\edition\install
(or whatever the directory to your oni file is)
press enter, and then type big_deal, big_zeal or new_deal or whatever.
and it should run fine.
another thing you might want to try, is go to your Oni folder, right click and open it's properties,
go to the security tab, and click 'Full control' for all the user profiles there.
(or at least 'trusted installer', your user profile, and SYSTEM)
hope this helps.

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#2 7/12/09 11:50

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Re: Another Vista problem...



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