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#1 1/12/08 15:33

From: Canada
Registered: 18/10/08

How do you "audio" your Oni?

Oni is a treasure of music and audio effects. I was wondering what others use to maximize the pleasure of the audio soundscape when playing Oni?

For myself, I was lucky enough one day to come across a little Electrohome "bookshelf" stereo system with CD player for very cheap ($60!). Now, this in and of itself is no great shakes.... The base unit is rather bare bones without a lot of bells and whistles, and the speakers that originally came with it are rather deplorable....

However, hooked with the proper cables to the sound card, with a pair of Sansui S-40 speakers, which are very old as far as speakers go, but are also very solid and able to deliver not only volume but quality sound, I can find myself immersed in the "Oni experience".

At one point, before my old box died, I had a secondary set of nice Altec-Lansing speakers also set up to get a 4 speaker surround sound effect (the sound card was, in fact, geared for 5.1 Dolby). You could not tear me away from the game at that point.

I was wondering what other set ups others may have that they think really enhance the experience/joy of playing Oni.

Also; I find that listening to the soundtrack with the current configuration to be very enjoyable.... Power of Seven really knew how to put it together! ^_^

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#2 9/12/08 13:47

Registered: 7/12/08

Re: How do you "audio" your Oni?

I wish you could adjust the music to be louder than everything else instead of there just being a general slider. It's frequently too soft for me.


#3 9/12/08 15:54

From: Seattle, WA, USA
Registered: 30/8/07

Re: How do you "audio" your Oni?

Cruddy headphones. :<

I'm going to buy super nice headphones after Christmas.

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