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#1 23/4/09 16:53

Registered: 14/4/09

Oni slow speed

I see there are many topics about slow speed,but i found no help in them...

So,let's start.

Intro movie is normal.
After it ends,Main menu is totaly slow,after i go to new game,game is totaly slow same.

I get the binkw32.dll
Today i bought new graphic card: Ati radeon x1650 pro (on AGP slot)( drivers are new)

1,8 GH procesor
512 Ram memory

Windows XP service pack 3...
Direct X 9.0

I realy don't know where is the problem...

EDIT: my Framerate is 3...

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#2 23/4/09 19:43

From: Seattle, WA, USA
Registered: 30/8/07

Re: Oni slow speed

Which bink32.dll do you have? Can you link to the topic you got it from?

Also...you seem to be running on very low memory ^_^. Buying more RAM would definately help your situation. What you can try is closing down EVERYTHING then running Oni. smile

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#3 9/8/11 10:22

From: United Kingdom, Tooting
Registered: 21/1/10

Re: Oni slow speed

i have the exact same problem i got my bink32.dll from onigalore

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#4 11/8/11 15:53

From: Portugal
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Oni slow speed

just update (or even downgrade) your graphic drivers people. That slow frame rate is usually outdated/bad drivers.

More info here:

Also...you seem to be running on very low memory ^_^. Buying more RAM would definately help your situation.

512 MB is overkill for regular oni even with XP as OS. I played it just fine with 256MB + XP, but you can play it maybe with just 64MB if you use windows 98 how it is here: http://oni.bungie.org/faq.html

The edition is another story since it seems to requires much more power, but also depends of the mods installed.

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#5 11/8/11 16:49

Dirk Gently
From: Boston, MA
Registered: 12/6/09

Re: Oni slow speed

Fun fact, more ram doesn't help because Oni limits the amount of ram it uses based on graphics level, if you want the best performance turn it all the way up.


#6 12/8/11 0:18

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

Re: Oni slow speed

i used to get slow oni back on my windows xp, but installing the AE solves it, mastrkilla, just downlaod the PC Anniversary edition and use the bink32 from it.

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#7 12/8/11 6:46

From: Ottawa, Ontario - Canada
Registered: 29/5/07

Re: Oni slow speed


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