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#1 15/1/07 15:41

From: London, UK
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Load of old nonsense

I read on a hints site once that a good way to defeat Mukade is to get a Black Adder SMG and empty as many clips as you can into him. Anyone spotted the flaw in that? Mukade has an invicible bullet-barrier! Can anyone suggest how or why this piece of flawed information was allowed onto a hint site?

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#2 15/1/07 17:09

From: Germany
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Load of old nonsense

IMO best way to kill mukade (with boss shield nor not): jump on red pipes to get onto the elevator and fire one or two screamer(s).
But why using smg? I guess they wanted to make themself important - like my doing at this point wink


#3 16/1/07 4:30

From: beyond the veil
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Load of old nonsense

Whoa, easy there... Unlike a regular force shield, Mukade's "boss shield" is not bulletproof (BTW, Barabas has the same in Chapter 6).
It just reduces the damage you can do to those bosses with weapons, but doesn't take it away completely. The choice is still up to you.

The SMG deals rather large point-blank damage. Definitely better than the Mercury Bow for bosses with shields, and well worth combining with melee.
Of course point blank grenades are even better, but they require precise aiming and can hurt you a lot if you mess up. Handle with care.
So, the SMG is indeed a good gameplay tip. Plotwise, none of those make sense, since Mukade is supposed to have the data disk you're after.

Screamers can indeed hurt Mukade a lot, but you have to nail him down somewhere. The elevator is perhaps not the best spot, because he can teleport there.
You can jump on the railings around the arena, for instance. Better look out for the homing ball, though. The only way to keep him from using that is non-stop melee.

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#4 16/1/07 5:31

Evil Konoko
Registered: 15/1/07

Re: Load of old nonsense

I just hit him harder i can.I dont use weapons much.I more like to fight  in Oni,its really cool with all those movements. I think the best movement is when you stretch his back( i dont know the name).

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