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#26 29/4/09 16:07

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Re: Changing a move's controls

well, using oni un/packer,
i was able to add RED's punch, but i ran out of room, and i dont know how to make i longer,
so im not sure what the problem is. since i can obviously give her a new move.
but it only goes to 0x0000B0 and i dont know what i could to to add more room,
if i try to make it longer, i go over into the next file, as it is im probibly breaking something somewhere, since i just put it in at the end of the file.
anyway, maybe this'll help some how?

just to make sure, the ONLY thing i need to do to give shinatama fighting moves is to add
to TRACshinatama_animations.xml
and then do the -create and -import:nosep things, right?
i think i might have figured out the problem
i did onisplit -extract level0_final.dat (no i didnt leave out the directorys, im just too lazy to retype the whole thing)
and it made 11996 files, but there's 12009 files in the leve0_final folder that was made from using the big_deal
so maybe that is the problem?
i'll try deleting th Game data folder in my edition folder, and try running big_deal again.
maybe that'll help?

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