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#1 16/3/07 4:42

From: Oregon, USA
Registered: 14/1/07

suggestion for OUP..

Not sure where to put this so I figured I'd just post it..
Well the dat/raw/sep files are particularly large, so if one were to make a somewhat extensive binary edit it would be rather cumbersome to distribute it currently.
So my suggestion is a kind of patching system to be implemented. That a file would contain only the data files the person edited and OUP could import all those files at once into a full dat/raw/sep. Maybe the patch file could even say which dat/raw/sep files need to be editted and it could even allow for multiple files to be patched from one patch.
Sorry if that was confusing, I didn't describe it well. hmm


#2 16/3/07 5:28

From: beyond the veil
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: suggestion for OUP..

@ Harry: "maybe" move this to Modifications...

Distributing whole level archives is not only cumbersome, it's quite "legally challenged".
A rudimentary patching system is already there, as you can export/import resource parts.
However, this only works for RAW/SEP parts and DAT parts that don't have internal links.
By internal links I mean links by ID to another DAT part or offsets of a RAW/SEP part.
Those depend on how the level archive was packed and are generally different from version to version.

I've been actively promoting a modular system of patches. Ideally, there should be a versatile "patch script" language for OUP.
Distributing modded RAW/SEP parts of BINA files, for instance, is already feasible, and Loser has even released a few already.
A few other modular upgrades (such as modded ONCC or ONWC) I have been releasing as importable DAT resources
(with a few remarks about what DAT-links should be checked updated manually after the patch is applied)
Since there were quite few releases so far, they have not been gathered anywhere in particular.
I've put mine on Oni Galore, under the namespace ONK ("Oni ni Kanabô"). Loser has posted his on the previous OCF.
With his ongoing work on Warehouse Too, Loser certainly has a lot of "modules" he could release (resources, changelogs)
but since I couldn't seem to convince him of doing so, I don't feel like doing his part of the "job", either. No big hurry.

So... it's still a little cumbersome for the time being. But a one-click, user-friendly patching system is definitely "our" goal already, thanks smile
I'm looking forward to Alloc's new OUP core, which will allow me (and hopefully many more people) to write patches and struct defs galore.

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