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#1 5/3/07 19:30

From: beyond the veil
Registered: 14/1/07

Oni On Sale

Let's track the various versions of Oni still up for grabs (of course, online shops are the easiest to track).
Interestingly, eBay is not the only place where. There seem to be a few new copies still for sale (mostly Mac).

I'd like to draw your attention to these two:
Big Blue Box (Mac beta version)
Big Metal Box 2 (Mac ??? version)

The first one (Big Blue Box) was tried out by ssg. It turned out to have a number of cool features, see HERE for details.
I don't know what's in the other one (Big Metal Box 2). If it's still available, maybe someone (with or without a Mac) should snatch it.
I'm not exactly expecting radically different hot stuff or much hotter stuff (multiplayer? come on! )
But the common publisher (Application Systems Heidelberg) definitely deserves a closer look smile

There's a rather impressive array of Oni versions, for various platforms and in various publishing collections. Not always attributable to Take 2, even for the PC version.
Guess they go back to the early years, and were made while the franchise was handed over to Take 2. Not like that makes any difference now...

As another curiosity, Oni was reedited for PS2 by Sony as part of the (affordable) Platinum series (Oni Platinum, sounds misleading, eh?).
Rockstar is owned by Take 2, but Sony most definitely is another publishing house.
Looked strange to me. But then again, publisher doesn't mean franchise owner...

EDIT: @ Tosh below: ASH = Application Systems Heidelberg, oder? See above. Yes, they're German.

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#2 5/3/07 20:51

From: Oregon, USA
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Oni On Sale

ASH released a full version too, in German, I dunno if it has anything special or not..
Select "Artikelsuche nach Artikelnummern", type 1028 in the box, select Macintosh-Software, and press "Suche starten"


#3 20/4/07 0:43

Registered: 19/4/07

Re: Oni On Sale

If the PS2 version was made later, then why does it still say 17 levels on the back of the box? That just urks me!


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