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#1 08/23/19 11:08

Registered: 01/14/07

Rename Sketchup Images Textures Tool

I created a small program that makes sure that images filenames are different between different .dae files imported in a single master xml file.

It may be useful for anybody that is using sketchup for custom levels.

RenameSketchupImagesTextures v1.0 written by s10k

What is this?

This a quick written program that renames images files used in sketchup projects from the generic:
texture.png, texture_0.png, texture_1.png etc to daename_texture.png, daename_texture_0.png, daename_texture_1.png

I was having issue when importing multiple dae in oni (using master xml) file, because of those generics names
Since the same generic name e.g. texture.png was found, OniSplit only kept one of the multiple images
So in the end when in Oni some textures were replaced wrongly by other from other dae (which had the same generic name)

This program renames the textures and updates the references in the dae file, so that the textures get unique filenames
and do not get overriden by onisplit

Tested in Windows only!! It may work in Mac with mono, but it was not tested!

Backup your files before using this program and use it at your own risk!

C# source code is included in case you need to do any modification (you are free to).

How do I use it?

First backup the dae files and textures that you are gonna to rename.

Create a daefiles.txt file in the same directory of RenameSketchupImagesTextures.exe.
Inside this file put every absolute path to every dae file (one per line) that needs patching.

Start RenameSketchupImagesTextures.exe from a console.

1.0, 23-08-2019
- Initial release


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