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#1 27/2/17 7:25

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Help on scripting levels?

You can skip to the next paragraph - - - - - Hello all! After 4 years on inactivity, I return to Oni once again. I'm currently in university studying computer science, and I want to use what I learned there to (good?) use. I finished the original game once again, and installed a few mods to play (Thanks for everyone making AE possible btw, I don't want to list names and then realize I missed someone and feel like a bum). Now however, I want to give something back to the community by just making whatever I can.

     I'll get to the point then. I realized that some maps are humongous, and not all of it have been used. To be more specific, episode 7 (forgot the name of the level) has a truly large map size, in my opinion at least, and I wanted to sort of create my own level using that map. In short, I am not looking to create my own unique map from scratch, but want to use an existing one to create my own story and such. Some of the mods that I played on AE accomplished something similar - where they used existing levels and savepoints. I'm not sure where to look for this information. I saw the "Creating the level - A level tutorial" by EdT but I got the feeling that post focused on creating your own level as opposed to using an existing one. And, I would prefer someone giving me a few hints here and there before I blindly go and set my computer on fire.

Thanks for reading it this far ^^


#2 27/2/17 9:06

From: Portugal
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Re: Help on scripting levels?

I guess what you are looking for is to make scripted levels. You can start by looking here:

You basically should start by editing the BSL files in level 7 "power" folder inside GameDataFolder/IGMD.

I use notepad++ with the BSL syntax highlight for that. You can get the syntax highlight here:
http://oni.bungie.org/forum/viewtopic.p … 664#p23664

You can check the commands and variables available here:

You should also enable developer mode to check for BSL errors (while in game press 'F1' and then 'x').

A great way to learning scripting is also read previous scripting mods for instance you can read some of my old mods here:
http://wiki.oni2.net/User:Script_10k (minor scripts section)

Check also the old china mod scripts which are much more recent, well documented and much better written (We learned something along all these years).

Don't forget wiki.oni2.net is usually your best friend here, also you can can and should always ask your questions in this forum, people here will be glad to help you.

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#3 27/2/17 9:45

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Re: Help on scripting levels?

This has been a great help, just what I've been looking for, thank you so much! I'll check get right to work ^^


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