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#1 04/10/16 13:04

From: Jamaica
Registered: 11/25/15

I would like to encourage non modders to give modding a try

I would like to encourage non modders to give modders a try. It is really fun once you know what you want out of it, especially when it comes to creating animations. Nothing is more fun than watching your custom character come to life and giving it your custom animation moves to play around with in game. Before I got into modding I was eager to try it out but at the same time I thought it was hard. However giving it a try made me realized that it isn't as hard as it seems. The modeling tutorial written by Samer and the other tutorials on here helped me out a lot. Also some of the things I learned on my own. So if you wish to create a character with its own look and own moveset, including those you see in other games or movies and want to give them to your character, I would say go ahead.


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