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#1 18/11/15 4:06


POSSIBLE BUG: binkw32 (version 4.0.0) messes AI pursuit mode

Hi guys, long time no see.
As I am currently drafting AI system for a separate project of mine, I have tried to take some inspiration from ONI.
I made a clean install of AE Oni from a clean install of vanilla Oni and started testing and observing.

To my very big surprise, when I tried to test AI pursuit mode (see here what is pursuit mode) in AE Oni, it was behaving way more glitchy than I remembered, and even setting ai2_blind=1 didn't help, the AI was equally as glitchy as without it active.

Quick note: per empiric testing, ai2_blind=1 disables vision for AI and also for some unknown reason fixes AI pursuit mode problems. No idea why, it "just works".

Anyway, this outcome left me completely puzzled, so I did a quick AI pursuit mode test in vanilla ONI with everything intact, just executed "ai2_blind=1" BSL command, did some ruccus ingame and observed the AI. Voila, worked like a charm.

As a final test, in AE folder I tried to replace AE Oni binkw32.dll (4.0.0) with vanilla Oni binkw32.dll (3.0.0) and ran AE Oni. AI pursuit mode worked properly with "ai2_blind=1", was "standardly glitchy" without it. Switched back to AE Oni binkw32.dll (4.0.0), AI pursuit mode ceased to work properly even with ai2_blind=1.

Is the described situation (AI pursuit mode does not work properly even with the workaround fix) intentional for some reason?
If not, then please consider this post a bug report.

In case more detailed info is required, please post a reply. I will be monitoring this thread for a while.

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#2 18/11/15 7:20


Re: POSSIBLE BUG: binkw32 (version 4.0.0) messes AI pursuit mode

Hey, long time no see.  Hope things are going well.  My immediate thought when I read your post was that it probably has to do with the character awareness fix that was implemented in Daodan DLL v3.9.  Try turning off "characterawareness" and see if things go back to normal.

As to what is actually glitchy about pursuit mode, you haven't explained at all tongue  This change was an attempt at porting over a fix that Feral made in Intel Mac Oni, and in our testing, it fixed a long-known problem where, out of a group of enemy AIs that spotted Konoko, only one of them would actually remember to pursue her once sight was lost.  With the fix in place, they will all pursue Konoko.

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#3 18/11/15 10:30


Re: POSSIBLE BUG: binkw32 (version 4.0.0) messes AI pursuit mode

Yo what's up, Loser? big_smile

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#4 18/11/15 17:08


Re: POSSIBLE BUG: binkw32 (version 4.0.0) messes AI pursuit mode

Hi Delano, things are a bit messy (no job), but there's always time to learn some graph theory, A* and similar veeeeery important stuff. Who knows, France is not that distant from the Czech Rep, so maybe it will save my butt some day ^_^

Thanks for a swift reply. Some tests were made and you were right about "characterawareness" being the culprit.
As for the description of the problem, I guess in this case some video material is better than a Great Word Wall of China.

There are 4 videos, all made with exactly the same AI-driven character:

  • ONCC = "thug_wh_4"

    • hostilethreat definite = 180 frames (3 secs)

    • hostilethreat strong = 1380 frames (23 secs)

    • hostilethreat weak = 1380 frames (23 secs)

  • CHAR

    • starts job at low alert, investigates only when medium alert of higher

    • lull/low alert strong awareness behaviour: Look

    • lull/low alert weak awareness behaviour: Forget

    • medium/high alert strong awareness behaviour: Wait

    • medium/high alert weak awareness behaviour: Glance

Within these 4 videos, player alerts the AI by shooting a gun nearby the AI, thus immediately enforcing high alert.
Player makes the AI investigate twice - first investigation is a first contact of the AI with the player, the second investigation is after the AI has made a record of the player character in its memory.

Please pay attention to the ai2_report on the left side of the screen, where the current mode of AI can be seen (line begins with the word strength)

Each video has a description, I recommend to read it.
CharacterAwareness=False, "ai2_blind=0"
CharacterAwareness=False, "ai2_blind=1"
CharacterAwareness=True, "ai2_blind=0"
CharacterAwareness=True, "ai2_blind=1"

As can be seen from these videos, with "characterawareness=True", the pursuit mode is glitched as usual, but on top of that, ai2_blind no longer can fix pursuit mode glitches, as it gets glitched as well.

Since I see there are attempts to fix Oni AI, can I ask for purification of this pursuit mode mess, pretty please?
I acknowledge it sounds funny coming from someone who has already retired from Oni, but it still haunts the game till this day and still looks awful.

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"I am just a mere reflection of what I would be."


#5 18/11/15 22:54


Re: POSSIBLE BUG: binkw32 (version 4.0.0) messes AI pursuit mode

Hmm, I'm afraid this is going to be a WONTFIX.  Essentially, you're asking for a bug to be restored so that it kind of fixes another bug as long as the AI is blind, which it never is, except when scripters are trying weird things smile  I thought you might have discovered a bigger issue caused by the fix, but this is a serious "edge case".  I am going to email you some more details on the tests we did in order to verify that a major bug was fixed, so we can discuss more details there if you still think the awareness fix is causing a serious problem.

byproducts are fine, but where's the beef?


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