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#1 23/8/13 10:02

Registered: 23/8/13

how to unlock new level??

i had installed AE and used some mods in AE, it is great, but i don't know how to install and play some "script" and "new level", example: "old china", "junk yard OTA" ... , I had download it, press install, then play Oni in full screen, then i don't know what to do after that, i don't see any save point to play what i had just installed. AND more, some script said it used lv 24 ... but i all have 19 level, what i gonna to to have extra level? SORRY, MY ENGLISH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO WRITE SMOOTH AND EASILY , FORGIVE ME


#2 23/8/13 20:46

From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: 13/1/07

Re: how to unlock new level??

You will need to use this program: http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … hp?id=1951


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