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#1 17/7/13 20:49

Registered: 17/7/13

Oni with AE fails to start.

I can run the normal game just fine, but AE will not even reach the oni menu screen without crashing (it gives no error).

Here is startup.txt:

[== Undefined ==]
Daodan: Daodan attached!
Daodan: Parsing daodan.ini...
Daodan: Finished parsing
Daodan: Parsing command line...
Daodan: Finished parsing
Daodan: Patching engine
system sleep disabled
keystroke traps installed
begin initializing oni
looking for the game data folder
initializing the template manager
DataFolder = GameDataFolder
Created a file iterator for the data folder.
Got Level Info for level1_Final.dat.
Valid Level level1_Final.dat
calling TMrRegisterTemplates
calling ONrRegisterTemplates
initializing oni platform specific code
initializing sound system 2, basic level
initializing basic sound system 2 layer...
direct sound dwFlags = f5f
direct sound dwFreeHw3DAllBuffers = 63
direct sound dwFreeHw3DStaticBuffers = 63
direct sound dwFreeHw3DStreamingBuffers = 63
direct sound dwFreeHwMemBytes = 0
direct sound dwFreeHwMixingAllBuffers = 63
direct sound dwFreeHwMixingStaticBuffers = 63
direct sound dwMaxContigFreeHwMemBytes = 0
direct sound dwMaxHw3DAllBuffers = 64
direct sound dwFreeHwMixingStaticBuffers = 63
direct sound dwFreeHwMixingStreamingBuffers = 63
direct sound dwMaxContigFreeHwMemBytes = 0
direct sound dwMaxHw3DAllBuffers = 64
direct sound dwMaxHw3DStaticBuffers = 64
direct sound dwMaxHw3DStreamingBuffers = 64
direct sound dwMaxHwMixingAllBuffers = 64
direct sound dwMaxHwMixingStaticBuffers = 64
direct sound dwMaxHwMixingStreamingBuffers = 64
direct sound dwMaxSecondarySampleRate = 96000
direct sound dwMinSecondarySampleRate = 4000
direct sound dwPlayCpuOverheadSwBuffers = 0
direct sound dwPrimaryBuffers = 1
direct sound dwSize = 96
direct sound dwTotalHwMemBytes = 0
direct sound dwUnlockTransferRateHwBuffers = 0
setting the direct sound cooperative level
initializing oni persistance
initializing scripting
initializing binary data system
initializing imaging
initializing image system...
initializing motoko
initializing 3D display system..
initializing geometry engines...
initializing draw engines...
Daodan: Listing display modes
Daodan: 12 modes available:
Daodan:   640x480x16
Daodan:   640x480x32
Daodan:   720x480x16
Daodan:   720x480x32
Daodan:   720x576x16
Daodan:   720x576x32
Daodan:   800x600x16
Daodan:   800x600x32
Daodan:   848x480x16
Daodan:   848x480x32
Daodan:   1024x768x16
Daodan:   1024x768x32
initializing physics
initializing oni motoko
initializing local input
initializing input system...
initializing animation system
initializing animation system...
initializing environment
initializing text system
initializing the console
initializing the materials
initializing the full sound system 2
initializing full sound system 2...
initializing particle 3
initializing oni particle 3
initializing env particle system
initializing physics
initializing game state
initializing AI 2
initializing window manager
initializing film system
initializing level
initializing oni scripting
initializing OBDr
initializing OBJr
initializing oni cinematics
initializing oni sound
initializing oni movie
initializing the pause screen
finished oni initializing
loading level 0...

I'm running WinXP SP3.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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#2 18/7/13 16:56

From: NC, USA
Registered: 22/10/07

Re: Oni with AE fails to start.

Can you go into the AE Installer, and choose Help>Request help?  That will send us all your logs so we can diagnose.

byproducts are fine, but where's the beef?


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