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#1 30/6/13 10:35


big problem

Hello, I try to have AE Oni and I installed everything, course I also install AE 2.16 I clicked install after choosing my mods.

The problem is that the game appears and disappears just after...

it's been four days that I try to have the game and it's Still the same thing. who knows why it does that?


#2 30/6/13 16:31


Re: big problem

Hi, how many mods did you attempt to install?  Can you try going in the AE Installer to Help>Request help...?  This will send your log files out to Alloc and I so we can diagnose the problem.

byproducts are fine, but where's the beef?


#3 17/7/13 4:06


Re: big problem

Hello, sorry to have put the time to answer, I had a serious problem of connection.

I send you my problem long ago, but I've received no confirmation help. Normally I sent another request for help. (The game disappear)


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