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#1 12/5/13 2:50


Suggestion for AEi for newbies

So .. We're used to getting strange questions\ problem reports of things that most of us think are pretty obvious .. i get a lot of people asking for help on the facebook group as well.
here are some of the most common ones :
-they install a mod, and don't know how to uninstall it (besides tens another guy asked same thing on fb)
-when two mods are incompatible they don't know they should unselect one of them.
-just today a guy attemepted to install all mods and complained that oni ran out of memory ...
-they don't know where to report bugs (or what they think are bugs)\ problems
-they don't read the help file.

So as a suggestion:
can we have a ''Remember!'' or ''General Tips'' box that appears when AEinstaller opens ?

it can say stuff like this
*Welcome to AEinstaller please read the following instructions before you begin
*Read each mod's description carefully before you decide to install it
*At your first run try not to install more than 20-30 mods
*to uninstall a mod just unselect it from the list and click install again, you don't have to delete it.
*It's highly recommended that you update your mods and the Aeinstaller whenever you're notified that  an update is available.
*if two mods are incompatible you have to unselect one of them
*to report bugs with the AE go here: (link to anniversary edition thread or section)
*to report bugs with particular mods visit that mod's thread which is usually mentioned in the mod's description
*(maybe warn about the particle overload)
*check the help in the file menu for more info on the AEinstaller.
*to disable this message uncheck the option from the settings menu.

Something like that ... States the obvious, but i feel it's really needed for new users, since we get same issues reported over and over ..(i'm getting a lot of these on facebook group)
And have that message show up everytime AEinstaller opens, except if they disable it from settings, that way we guarantee they read it and didn't just choose don't show this again ...

I know most of this stuff is mentioned on the forum\wiki\readme ... But you'll be surprised by how many people just click that download and don't read  anything and some get the AE link directly without visitng the forum. And at the end it's us who have to answer these questions. So this could save us the trouble and make it more user friendly and less intimidating for newbies.

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#2 12/5/13 3:45


Re: Suggestion for AEi for newbies

I agree with you on particle warning and on a note that too many mods might bring up unexpected problems.

But for those that "just click that download and don't read anything" / don't know how to use a checkbox: they don't deserve to play the game. tongue


#3 12/5/13 5:08


Re: Suggestion for AEi for newbies

Yet they are tongue ... And it comes back to bite us tongue ... I can give you so many screenshots / quotes that are just puzzling to me ...

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#4 12/5/13 7:26


Re: Suggestion for AEi for newbies

Yes, it's true, I learned back when Gumby and I first released our AE that there's no such thing as too foolproof -- and when you don't aim to make something foolproof ("They'll just have to figure it out themselves"), it comes back to bite you in the form of support questions.  People will always find ways to break something or find a way to fail to read instructions unless they're in blinking neon lights in the middle of the screen.

I already have a ticket requesting Alloc to warn/prevent the user from installing too much stuff (though that's probably the user mistake that annoys me the most, why would somebody install everything?  Can't they read?).  It's been marked as critical for obvious reasons, but Alloc has preferred to spend time implementing things like "Rescan local packages" and text-copying first.  I'm sure he'll get there eventually ^_^

Anyway, a tip window is probably a good idea, it's a bit closer to blinking neon lights, so it's that much harder to ignore.  You should file this as a ticket on Trac smile

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