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#1 11/5/13 1:23

Registered: 10/5/13

Muro's lair-mission 1 bug

so the title says it all,can someon fix that thing where you find the scientist and he follows you,he always run over in pool,and then he is stuck there cuz he dosnt have a command to jump (i think) so can somoen fix that and make a mission 2 ?  big_smile

PS:sorry my bad english

cool PS cool The facebook group is awesome


#2 11/5/13 14:30

From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: 13/1/07

Re: Muro's lair-mission 1 bug

When leaving the yard, don't let the pool get between you and the scientist.  If you walk alongside the wall the scientist will follow you out safely.

If I ever make a Mission 2, I will try to fix it so that the scientist will avoid the pool.


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