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#1 6/3/13 18:19

From: Argentina
Registered: 6/3/13

AE v2 and Konoko's HD Armor?

Hi, I'm new at the forum.

Hope this is not a silly question (and if it is, please forgive me sad) but, how do I do to install the Konoko's HD Armor? viewtopic.php?id=1727

I have downloaded the same but it does not get shown in the AE Installer 1.11. If I change the line "AEInstallVersion ->  2.0" to "AEInstallVersion ->  1.11" in its Mod_Info.cfg file, I get it to show, but when I tick it and then install, the armor keeps being the vanilla one.

It is my idea that, in order to use the armor, I must have the AE Installer 2.0. But I couldn't find it anywhere.

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone!

PS: Thanks for taking time to read my shitty post  wink

¡¡La grua controla!!


#2 6/3/13 19:53

From: Germany -> Darmstadt
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: AE v2 and Konoko's HD Armor?

Hi and welcome to the forum smile

Unfortunately you can't easily use 2.0 packages with AEI1 and AEI2 is not yet released as there's still some stuff to sort out. We hope to get that done in a week or two.

Until then you can basically follow the explanations over here to make it work.


ONI2.net, link to just any important resource-pages about ONI.


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