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#1 8/1/13 17:06

From: Russia
Registered: 4/12/11

Enjoying that XIM you bought, TOCS?

Not sure if this is the same TOCS, but I'm pretty sure it is, considering TOCS isn't a common username, plus TOCS did post a thread about Halo in here, and what do you know, this is a TOCS posting about Halo.


So, how's it going with that XIM? Because I don't have problems using the XIM in any FPS games I've played on consoles like you seem to be having. You just need to fine-tune your sensitivity, because, hell, I can do 180's in Black Ops 2 (200 sensitivity) and Halo 4 (Somewhere between 200 and 400, don't know, I did my sensitivity config while ingame.) with a quick flick of my wrist.

This is the same TOCS, right, or did I just waste 5 minutes on pointless keystrokes to brag about my superior XIM Edge settings?

PS: Did you set your game's controller sensitivity to max?

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#2 8/1/13 21:57

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

Re: Enjoying that XIM you bought, TOCS?

So ... Why not just email him or something

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#3 9/1/13 2:14

From: Denmark
Registered: 4/4/07

Re: Enjoying that XIM you bought, TOCS?

That TOCS is me. smile And yes, I'm having a bit of a problem getting used to the aim mechanics in Halo. After a few hours I actually managed to find a desirable sensitivity, but the delay/weighted feel the aim has in Halo, is hard to compensate for. When I play all sorts of other games I have no problem, since the aim isn't as accelerated or delayed as what you see in Halo. But thanks for the concern. smile


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