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#1 1/1/13 22:25

Registered: 1/1/13

Mouse problems


I recently installed Oni and as I begin playing the game, my view/pointer is constantly facing the floor. When I try to move around my mouse, the view makes a drastic 360 swerve around in circles (still pointing to the floor). I cannot get it to point "straight"

I am not much of a "techie person", but I have Vista 32-bit, I updated my video card (NVIDIA Geforce 8500GT) and downloaded Daodan.


#2 2/1/13 11:12

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

Re: Mouse problems

That happens to me sometimes on windows 7 .. Not sure why but it only lasts few seconds .. I have same video card as you, so that's not the issue.
Try decreasing the mouse sensitivity ... I don't recall if oni itself has that option if not try control panel,
also try running oni in compatability mod of windows xp .. Right click on the icon .. Then compatability tab.
Also try it with as few mods as you can and see if anything change

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