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#1 3/8/12 13:46

From: OH, USA
Registered: 8/6/08

Using Python Programming with Oni Scripts?

Hey guys, I was curious about this subject. So an idea popped out in my head and I was thinking. What would happen if you used a Python Script during Oni gameplay? Has this been done? Please share your results if anyone has ever used Python Programming for an Oni script/mod, etc. smile This is just an idea. So I was curious if this has been done or not.


#2 3/8/12 22:30

Lukas Kreator
Registered: 7/5/10

Re: Using Python Programming with Oni Scripts?

Well, there would be basically two ways to do that:
- Easy way: translating Python code into BSL, which gives better syntax but no additional functionality;
- Mostly impossible way: integrate a Python parser into Oni's source code.

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