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#1 10/4/12 2:58

From: Romania,Bucharest
Registered: 9/4/12

Uhmm.....some skins please

Hey guys can you please give me some HD skins or some cool skins for Konoko.

Show me what you got!!


#2 10/4/12 14:04

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

Re: Uhmm.....some skins please

Konoko's Special Wardrobe version 1
gives Konoko new outfits : Violet Fury, Mukade's suit, and a Scientist. with some special abilities.
download: http://mods.oni2.net/node/99
discuss http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … hp?id=1222
these are kinda old, not very HD

Konoko HD :
A model replacement for Konoko's TCTF armor and high rez head for each of her outfits.
Download for Windows : http://mods.oni2.net/node/147
Download for MAC : http://mods.oni2.net/node/148
Discussion : http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … hp?id=1727

Cosplay Lara
Konoko plays around as Lara
DOWNLOAD: http://mods.oni2.net/node/143
DISCUSS: http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … hp?id=1648

a tip stunt4life, next time u want a mod, try to browse the available mods first here : http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … hp?id=1355

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