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#51 25/1/12 20:51


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[6:20 AM]

Though they didn't have the time to look at the physical contents of each file, Jin, Vince and Jan collected all of the documents that were dated within a two day limit, placing them within a duffle bag that Vince had brought along. About 4 minutes after they began to collect the documents, the computer with the USB device plugged into it made a beep-like noise.

"Alright it's finished," said Jan. "I think we have enough of the files, let's get the hell out of here. Jamming should be disabled in a few minutes."

Jin nodded, grabbing one last file before closing the cabinet. Right as he was about to place it into the bag, the title of the document folder caught his eye.


Intrigued, he folded the top right corner of the file to differentiate it from the others. He then slung the bag around his shoulder and readied his weapon.

"Ok, let's head to the roof. I'll cover rear, you two take point." As they ascended up the stairs, loud footsteps and conversation could be heard close behind them.

Vince grunted. "Well it looks like they figured out about our little decoy, we're gonna need to haul ass."

Jin pulled out his cell phone and pressed 0 [speed dial] in one fluid motion. After a moment of silence, a familiar voice answered.

"This is Butler, whadaya need kid?"

"We need an evac now, there's alot of hostiles and only three of us. Our location is....."

Butler stopped him short. "We were briefed about your operation, we already have a team and a chopper prepared now. ETA 4 minutes, hold out until then."

The noises coming from below were increasingly getting louder. "We'll do our best, but I don't think we have 4 minutes. Please, sir, try to hurry. Over and out."

At the top of the stairs, Jan kicked open the rooftop door.

*-1AP, 4AP*

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:21AM (G1)

Jan kicks open the door at the top of the stairs and mows down the unaware rooftop snipers with his SMG (-1AP) and runs to the center of the rooftop

"Flare out!"

Jan throws down a blue flare on the rooftop and reloads

"I really wish I had that cable right now..."

Jan pulls out his PDA and looks at the departure information on the three trucks

"Oh god... Oh god..."

Jan quickly forwards the document to Jin and Vince's phones

"Three locations where they went... Damn..."

Jan points

"One part of the shipment went to some high class residential area near the Regional State building... No exact address... Just the name of the area"

Jan looks around and crouches

"Second one is going straight into TCTF territory under our noses... The... Am I reading this right? Science... Prison? TCTF Science Prison? Someone try to figure out what that is so we can intercept it before it gets shipped again"

Jan turns his HUD on and looks again at the PDA

"Last one went to a construction site Northeast of TCTF HQ (L17)... Which puts the final destination somewhere within this circle"

Jan makes a circle using the 3 points as reference for the circle

"Atleast I hope, considering patterns like this in the past... You all got that? Everything should be on your phone's now, as soon as we are out of here review it yourselves."

Jan frowns

"Unfortunately, we may all have to go separately to these 3 places to find what we are looking for on time. And no doubt the Syndicate will have placed them on alert now that the jamming is down, so there is bound to be decoys because of that"

Jan gets into a defensive position on the rooftop and aims his SMG at the stairwell doorway

"Anyway, before we worry about that we need to worry about getting out alive."

4AP left


6:22AM G1 4AP

Jan continues to stare at the doorway and talks out

"So, uh, before we inevitably probably get killed by the twenty-plus hostiles still in this area... Anything, uh, interesting in your lives?"

Jan gets no response for five seconds and begins to talk

"So, there was this one girlfriend of mine..."

Jan looks over as he sees a Syndicate dropship take off from the courtyard, a few strikers fire off a few poorly aimed shots down at the rooftop as the dropship leaves. One of the Strikers throws a middle finger and hits the button to close the door, but not before Jan can catch a glimpse of two crates in the back of the dropship

"Shit, that fragments the shipment even more! How the hell are we supposed to find this stuff if---"

Jan looks around him for a moment to make sure noone came up the stairs

"Jin, as soon as your CO gets here, you need to get him to follow that dropship. There's no choice here. We get that dropship or this is all for nothing! It can't get that far in two minutes!"

Jan resets his focus towards the door and begins to talk again

"So, that one girlfriend of mine, I don't know how, but she got me to develop a burning hatred of this one wierd... How was it said? Chri--? Oh, my PDA seems to be calling it 'Chrysalis" for some reason, but whatever. So, whatever, her parents had forced her to take this one drug or something about a year after that terrorist attack, what was it called? Chrysalis? Man... Why is that shit even legal? I saw firsthand what that can do to humans... She still looked the exact same... But how would I describe it? It was like she was secretly some sort of monster under that beautiful skin of hers... I don't remember exactly what it was... But she was... Afraid of something... I don't know what it was exactly, but it--"

Jan hears talking at the bottom of the stairs and promptly stops talking, aiming his gun waiting for the slightest movement

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:23 AM  G1

"We know you're up there!  Surrender now and we'll kill you quickly!"

Jan looks and sees four Strikers wielding Black Adders advancing up the stairs towards him.  Suddenly, the stairway explodes in flames, and Jan whips around to avoid being hit in the face by the shrapnel.  Above him hovers a TCTF helicopter, a slightly ruffled TCTF agent leaning out the door holding a Superball Gun.  He waves briefly to Jan, and TCTF troopers descend on lines to the rooftop, rushing towards the door and down into the warehouse.  Then the chopper rotates, lifting higher and moving after the Syndicate helicopter that had just left.

6:26 AM

Soon the TCTF agents have the syndicate goons cleared out, and the team gathers together back at the tricked-out Humvee.  An agent comes up to Jin and salutes.

"We've got the area secured sir.  We'll stay here and sweep the warehouse.  Maybe we can figure out what they were moving through here.  Good luck sirs!"

The officer troops back to the warehouse, leaving Jan, Vince, and Jin at the Humvee.  Vince hops in.

"Well, let's head out."

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#54 26/1/12 18:35


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:27AM G1

Jan clicks down the firemode selector on Vince's SML3 from the safety mode it was on earlier and hands it back to him with one hand. Vince quickly yanks it with an angered look

"We can't hit all the targets separately now, and the Syndicate knows we're coming... Hopefully Butler's team will be able to get that dropship."

Jan pulls out a recently TCTF adopted AML37 Automatic Plasma Rifle from the trunk of the car


"From what I can tell, the TCTF already has units stationed by two of the areas where parts of the shipment are going... TCTF HQ is a hive of activity, and assuming they get the intel, they should be able to stamp them out there. Secondly, the... Science... Prison... Whatever that is will most likely have troops there to intercept whatever cargo would be masquerading as legitimate. That leaves us with the location near the Regional State building. I figure we could try to rally anyone stationed there for a raid on the Syndicate using someone's lavish mansions as a safehouse."

Jan opens the back door of the Humvee and turns around

"Jin... I'm in no condition to be driving right now, you should take the wheel this time... And Vince, can you do me a favor and make some phonecalls to anyone of authority in the TCTF? They need to know about those Syndicate safehouses under their noses."

Jan begins to cough violently and quickly ties on the scarf he is wearing over his mouth, and then tilts down the Musashi Manufacturing hat to block airborne dust out of his eyes


Jan sits down in the back seat and begins to fall asleep

Unknown time, Unknown location

Jan, Corporal Malikov, and Sergeant Perez finish clean sweeping the top floor and come upon a surrendering Striker who drops his gun immediately, when a scream is heard outside of the window on the rooftop

"What the?"

Jan and Malikov run outside and see the same agent they saw earlier walk past them with an angered look, Perez walks out through the broken glass and begins talking

"Agent, what happened? Konoko?!"

Perez walks toward Malikov and Jan and sees a large body on the rooftop. A TCTF medic runs outside and handcuffs the body before taking out a defibrilator. Malikov begins firing on a dropship flying away from them, but is stopped when Perez forcibly lowers his weapon and tells him to hold fire due to a tier 1 asset on board

"This is just perfect, JUST GODDAMN PERFECT!"

Jan stares at the body on the ground when the medic speaks out

"I'm calling it. Time of death 2347... Man this guy looks messed up even without the bruises and gunshot wounds..."

Perez motions to Malikov and Jan as he begins to walk inside, and then begins to interrogate the handcuffed Striker

"Where are they going!"

"...You think... I... Would tell you oppressors where our brave freedom fighters are going? Never..."

The Striker spits in Perez's face and kicks him in the leg, and then begins to run outside. Jan tries to stop him only to witness the Striker launch himself off the rooftop to the street below. Perez looks without any visible emotion and begins walking towards the elevator

"We are mobile in five hotels. Griffen wants us to retrieve a Tier 1 asset the Syndicate have captured recently, so PACK UP YOUR SHIT!"



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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[6:28 AM]

During the drive to the shipment location, Vince was busy making calls to the top dogs at TCTF HQ, and Jan was in the back fast asleep. As for Jin, still concentrated on the road, he was also in deep thought about times long past.


\\\\Though it was the middle of the night, and though he was exceptionally tired, Jin had serious work to be done. Through the dim light of his desk lamp, multiple CQC, weapon and vehicle manuals could be seen strewn about the surface. At the age of 19, Jin wanted nothing more than to join the Technology Crimes Task Force. He had taken many classes throughout high school to prepare him for his dream job, and he had already enrolled in multiple Police oriented college courses. He wanted to be just like his father, who was an important figure in the TCTF. Even at a young age, he always admired the courage and strength of his dad. Recently his father had been working very late, as he was dealing with something involving a rogue agent, giving Jin ample time to study for his future career. *DING*

"One second!", Jin said, as he went to answer the door. He unchained the lock and swung the door open to find a single TCTF agent standing in his doorway, wearing a grim and concerned face. "Hello?"

"Are you Jin Nagawa?", he said in a monotone voice.

"Yea, is there something I can help you with?"

After a short sigh, the agent responded: "I'm afraid i have some bad news for you, I should probably come in for this."////

Jin snapped back into reality, as Jan had awoken and called his name. "Yea, what is it?"

*-1AP, 4AP*

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#56 26/1/12 23:14


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:45AM (D10)

Jan wakes up after dreaming about one of his many girlfriends and looks around


"Yea, what is it?"

"Stopstopstop! I think we're here. I see high class homes all around this road and a white truck parked"

Jan points to a mansion near the end of the road

"The one with the label 'Theta Moving and Storage'... Over there... Looks awfully dirty doesn't it? Like it was in a greasy and un-maintained factory for a long amount of time?"

Jan looks on his laptop to try to figure out what it's contents might be from the server he hacked earlier

Items accounted for:



GENETIC MODIFICATION AND DNA SPLICING HARDWARE (Note from Lieutenant Musharraf: probably went missing during that raid earlier at the werehouse that our boys were looting. none of my guys here nos where it went and we havent found shit that it could possibly be. everything else from the manifest appeared as is and is on its way to the fences to be subtly handed off to our friends at hq. idk what else i could say about this but im pretty disapointed that those tctf fuckers got something as vital as that as the shipment left. this is msuharaf signing off)


"I think it's safe to say we should go in loud this time. The documents I found suggest that they are being handed off the fences to be distributed in a staggered manner to prevent tracking. Assuming that cargo hasn't moved yet we have a chance to stop part of it."

Jan gets out of the car on the sidewalk and turns on his HUD, and then crouches, aiming at the window by the front door of the home

"Jin, Vince, it's up to you guys for our first move this time. But I highly recommend you check the truck real quick to make sure that something hasn't changed."

Jan peeked through the window and turned on the thermal mode on his HUD

"Five men in the main hallway, can't pick up beyond those walls... Looks like two of them are Syndicate officers, armed with Little Warriors, no gasmask and these guys seem fine, but no airlock on this house... Assume chrysalis is why, be extra cautious. Other 3 seem to be a bit under the weather, no Syndicate uniforms, armed with Stormy Days. I'd take them out last, just some thugs. When you guys are ready to fire, focus on the Officers. Headshots only. Anything else our bullets might be for nothing."

Jan puts back his Equalizer PDW and unfolds his AML37, beginning to aim for the head of the Officer on the left, waiting for Jin or Vince to take the first shot on the other.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

*5 AP*
[6:53 AM]

Syndicate HQ (unknown location):
Jeff stood still, looking at the man in front of him. The man, with his hands behind his back and his head slightly tilted to the side, squinted his eyes and stared at Jeff, awaiting a response. After a brief silence, Jeff said:
    "There was... one crate out of the ordinary." The man staitened his back and fully opened his eyes, raising one eyebrow.
    "What happened to it?" asked the man.
    "I don't know, sir; I think it was left behind in the warehouse." replied Jeff. The man bit his lip and looked a the floor. Then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
    "Alright, gentlemen, thank you for your time." he said after a moment of silence. The striker and the comm trooper immidiatly left the office. Jeff hesitated, then turned around and left. Outside of the office, Jeff walked down the large balcony-like pathway of the compound into the living quarters. A console requested Jeff's ID, and after verification, opened a metal door leading to another hallway. Jeff walked inside, and walked down the hallway. He walked until he reached a door labelled "Unit 17". He swiped his keycard on the keycard reader beside the door. The reader beeped, a green light came on and the metal door slowly opened. He walked inside and the door slid back into place, magnetically locking itself. After a quick shower, Jeff lied down on one of the two beds in the suite, took a deep breath and almost immidetly fell asleep.

(-1 AP, 4 AP)

[6:54 AM]

Syndicate HQ (unknown location):
Damion looked out of the glass wall in his office, following Jeff with his eyes as he was walking down the pathway. Moments later, his WristPanel began to beep. He looked at it and noticed an incoming transmition from one of the delivery units. He pressed a button on the WristPanel and the screen blinked, then displayed a Syndicate comm trooper.
    "Sir, this is squad 81-b. We believe TCTF forces are aware of the shipment. They might be heavily armed." said the trooper.   
    "Get the shipment out of there. Tell the squad to pack up and move to the east warehouse." commanded Damion. "If the TCTF follow you to the warehouse, they'll have a surprise waiting for them." he added.
    "Yes sir. Over and out." the voice replied, and the transmition ended.

Nearby the Regional State Building (cell D10):
Jin and Vince readied their weapons and each aimed for the head of one of the strikers. Jin slowly began pushing the trigger, but was interrupted by Jan.
    "Wait... What the hell? I think they're packing up." said Jan, lowering his weapon.
    "Well, then we have two choices: either shoot or follow them." said Jin.

[7:05 AM]

Syndicate HQ (unknown location):
Damion sat in his office, checking the database and confirming delivered Syndicate packages. Before he could confirm the last package, a woman with short brown hair, a beige sweater and a black skirt entered his office. She held an electronic clipboard.
    "Sir... Naomi said she wanted to see you. She didn't say why." the woman said. Damion shut off the console and walked to the door.
    "After you." he said to the woman, showing her the way with his right hand. The woman smiled and left the office. Damion followed her and the door closed behind them, activating the magnetic locking mechanism.

Hanging in the middle of the underground compound was an office with large tinted windows. The only way to access it was by a bridge connecting the office and the second floor of the compound. Damion calmly walked along the looped square pathway on the third floor of the compound and used the stairs to descend to the second floor. When he reached the office, a door opened and allowed him to enter. Inside the office, behind the main desk sat a woman with long brown hair in a black combat dress.
    "You wanted to see me, Naomi?" asked Damion. The door closed behind him.
    "Yes... Tell me, Damion, how come the comm troopers are telling me the package didn't arrive?" she asked him.
    "Well, it wasn't in my control, Naomi. I couldn't make sure the package was retrived." he replied.
    "No, no, no, I didn't mean that. I meant how come I'm hearing this information from them and not from you?" she asked.
    ""I was busy debriefing a striker who was at the warehouse. And you know how those comm officers are; first sign of something going wrong and the whole chain of command goes out the window..." he replied.
    "You havent changed a bit, Damie. Always making up excuses." she added, smiling. Damion chuckled and went over to one of the tables in the office to grab a glass of water.
    "Remember the good old days? Robbing banks and liquor stores... we did almost everything together." said Damion.
    "Yeah, I remember." replied Naomi, smiling. Moments later her smile went away. "Muro..." she mumbled. Damion turned around and faced Naomi.
    "Naomi, it's been almost five years. You have to get over it. Muro's gone; We can't bring him back..." said Damion, taking a sip from his glass of water. "...or can we?" he added.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:45 AM, D10

Jan quickly aimed at the first Striker Officer

"There's no choice, they knew we would be coming, if we let them get away there is no doubt they have a contingency plan already in place... Shit, of all the things the quartermaster gave us, it had to conveniently not be C4 or something to sabotage these trucks!"

Jan fires off a shot at the first Officer stunning him (-1AP/Fight) for a vital moment and aims towards the second officer as he injects a hypospray and starts to emit a nondescript blue glow

"...Oh shit..."

2 - 1 - 10 (Avg: 4.33333333333)

16 - 14 - 18 (Avg: 16.0)

4 - 2 - 20 (Avg: 8.66666666667)

(Total avg: 9.6666666667)



#59 3/2/12 0:00


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:46 AM, D10

13 - 10 - 7 (Avg: 10.0)

10 - 5 - 8 (Avg: 7.66666666667)

8 - 13 - 19 (Avg: 13.33333333333)

(Total avg: 10.3333333333)

The Syndicate officer runs at Jan, absorbing the bullets as if they were paper.  His blue glow dims somewhat as his Daodan Chrysalis works to repair his injuries, but he still has a faint shimmer about him when he reaches the Humvee.  Grabbing Jan's gun, he rips it away and tosses it to the side.  Jan tries to move away, but the officer is too quick, slamming a hard punch into Jan's midsection, sending him flying across the street.  Battered, Jan looks up to see Vince unleash a shotgun blast into the officer's head, killing him.  Darkness closes in on Jan, but somehow he manages to stay conscious, crawling back towards the humvee as Vince clambers out.

Ahead, the Syndicate forces open fire at the Humvee, laying down cover fire as a crate is loaded back onto the truck.  The driver starts the engine, ready to go as soon as the crate is on.

(-2 AP for Jan, which leaves him with 2 AP remaining)

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:26 AM G1 5 AP

Saru crawled out from under a desk he had been hiding under when he heard the first explosion hit a floor above him, from that moment he had heard nothing but gunfire and screaming for the next three minutes.
He saw some rubble on the floor and looking up he discovered a crack big enough for him to slip through. Saru let of a big smile as he jumped and grabbed hold of the floor above him through the crack and pulled himself up.

(-1 AP, 4 AP remaining)

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:47AM, D10, 3AP

Jan gets down by the Humvee and grabs the AKS-177 off of the dead Striker

"Now you see why I hate those... Those... Those things! Uh... Uh..."

Jan injects a hypospray into his stomach and tries to cover the bleeding caused by the blow and looks at the AR-52 that Vince shot the Striker with

"Goddamn, don't you know better than to use that?.. I mean sure, the shotgun attachment---"

Jan gets up to aim at the Syndicate thugs, placing their modified construction helmets as they rushed them, and falls down in pain from his stomach, and catches a glimpse of the truck leaving, it's back door still half open from a hasty rush to leave

"Not... this... time..."

Jan gets himself up quickly and injects another hypo to completely hide his pain

"...Listen... You guys... Stay here, hold them off... This bastard is mine..."

Jan quickly has his phone start a call with the nearest cellphone, and a ring is heard in Jin's pocket

"...Keep that call... going... Get the signal traced... as soon as you can... Come for me... As soon as this mess is mopped up"

Jan suddenly gets up and runs following the truck, barely dodging the hail of gunfire and leaps through the back door of the truck and quickly shuts it (-1AP)

"...Worst... decision... ever..."

Jan moves himself to the nearest crate and lies down next to it, and removes his shirt to look at himself, the skin by his stomach area beginning to get gray from airborne infection.

"...Not... now..."

Jan puts his shirt back on and puts the AKS-177 in a rested position ready to fire on anyone who opens the door, and waits for the truck to eventually reach it's destination

2AP left


7:10AM, Location unknown/On-Route

Jan takes the barcode scanner on his PDA and sets it up for the Syndicate's barcodes copied off the factory's servers, and scans the crate next to him

"Hypo... Sprays... Good..."

Jan busts open the crate with the butt of the AKS-177 and takes a hypospray and immediately injects it, beginning to normalize his condition


Jan begins to check the other crates barcodes

"Rifles... SMGs... Ammo... More hypos... Just standard crap for the war they've been fighting... I'd love to use these explosives to disable the truck, but..."

Jan takes a few C4 charges and places them on his belt, moving onto the next crate to scan


Jan pulls out his Equalizer PDW, it's suppressor still on, and shoots the locking latches on the crate

"Oh jesus..."

Jan stares down at the contents, sixteen filled canisters of Chrysalis, with no specified hosts labeled. Additionally each canister is wrapped in plastic with a set of four syringes strapped on.

"...Yukie had one thing right... And right in front of me lies a means of survival at this point..."

Jan grabs a single canister and stuffs it in with the duffel bag he was carrying

"I'll have to get someone to set it up later when I'm out of this mess... That is if I can stand being a hypocrite... Again..."

Jan walks by the next crate and is about to scan when the truck comes to a halt, and hides behind the crate. The doors begin to open in the back and voices can be heard

"No Jethro, you fucking loser, pay attention to orders next time you damn idiot. Boss wants us to make sure that no TCTF slavetroops are on our tails before the trucks go in to the tunnels, and we don't know that until the other two trucks arrive..."

"You want him to run that through one more time for your retarded skull so you have a basic COMP-REE-HENSHUN of that shit, or you just want me to send you on the short bus going straight to the 'Wilderness Preserve'?"

"Phhuck you!!!"

Jan hears two of them walk off to have a cigarette outside what sounds like a warehouse, and 'Jethro' begins to rant and get distracted from the truck

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#62 4/2/12 18:00


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[7:12 AM]

East Syndicate Warehouse (cell J31):
Jan carefully moves to the back of the truck and opens one of the doors just enough to see what's going on. Outside he can see large, partially opened warehouse doors. He decides to quietly exit the truck and slip through the doors, hopefully unnoticed. Jan grabs the handle on one of the truck's back doors and begins slowly pushing. Before he is able to open it, the door slams open and Jan falls on the ground. A large brute, wearing chunky, mismatched armour and carrying a large improvised sledgehammer stands over him, laughing. The brute's large, pale, veiny face terrifies Jan.
    "You're not going anywhere!" says the brute. "No one escapes Lucifer!" he adds. Jan, scared for his life, quickly gets up and sprints for the warehouse doors.
    "Come back here!" yells the brute as he runs after Jan.

12 - 19 - 14 (Avg: 15.0)

18 - 17 - 16 (Avg: 17.0)

13 - 10 - 14 (Avg: 12.33333333333)

(Total avg: 14.7777777778)

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#63 4/2/12 18:11


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:12AM, J31, 3AP

Jan begins running and reaches for his phone

"Jin! Whatever you guys are doing wherever, DO IT FAST! Pinging location!"

Jan quickly presses the Social Media GPS ping button on his phone and puts it back in his pocket, still running, and turns around slightly with the AKS-177 and begins to fire on Lucifer

17 - 19 - 13 (Avg: 16.33333333333)

8 - 3 - 15 (Avg: 8.66666666667)

18 - 1 - 12 (Avg: 10.33333333333)

(Total avg: 11.7777777778)



#64 4/2/12 19:08


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[7:13 AM]

Nearby the East Syndicate Warehouse (cell J30):
Lucifer, despite being shot multiple times in the chest, continues to run, swinging his sledgehammer in Jan's direction. Jan throws the empty AKS-177 away and increases his running speed, going out of Lucifer's swinging range. Lucifer decides to improvise, and hurls his sledgehammer at Jan's legs. In the middle of running, Jan is sweeped off his feet by the sledgehammer (-2 AP for Jan). The large, metal sledgehammer makes a loud clinging noise as it hits the ground and slides onto the road. Lucifer runs to the sledgehammer past the injured Jan, who is in desperately searching for a weapon inside his duffel bag. Lucifer picks up his sledgehammer and drags it along the pavement as he slowly walks over to Jan. As Lucifer raises his sledgehammer, Jan pulls out a Campbell Equalizer Mk4 out of his duffel bag and shoots Lucifer in the head. Luficer drops his sledgehammer and falls onto his knees before collapsing face-first onto the pavement. Jan carefully stands up and begins limping away in the direction of the Old TCTF HQ.

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#65 4/2/12 21:05


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:14AM, J30, 1AP

Jan gets up and places his old, rusted Equalizer Mk4 in his left holster and begins to hold his recently acquired Mk6 PDW

"Location is marked... Bastards talked about a 'tunnel', I'm assuming it's not a natural formation, someone built it... So it must lead somewhere."

Up ahead of Jan two Striker grunts stand next to a running car smoking, talking about the recent burst of gunfire

"Heh, hope whoever the intruder was, that they got that dumb bastard Jethro."

"I wouldn't worry about the intruder, if they slipped past us somehow, then Lucifer is probably making dinner out of him right now. Noone gets past Lucifer."

"Yeah, but again, I reiterate, I pray that the intruder lasted long enough to put a few rounds in Jethro"

The two walk off on patrol, ignoring the car left running behind them. Jan promptly gets moving past them, slipping past the patrols and moving towards M22

"This is Jan... Listen, I'm going off the radar for a few hours. Call in the big guns on this one, don't let those bastards slip into their rat tunnels with that shipment. I'll be back with you guys as soon as possible. This is Walker, signing off"

Jan ends the call finally and turns off his cellphone, and takes his radio out of his back pocket, turning it on directly to the frequency of his brothers-in-crime

"This is Windmill, I'm heading back to the safehouse... Not looking too good at the moment... Do me a favor before I get there. Get Doctor Tong, he should be knowledgeable in what I'll be needing.

Jan keeps on walking and looks at the canister of Chrysalis occupying most of the space in his duffel bag, and begins talking to himself nervously

"Christ, could get the whole gang equipped with this stuff considering the size of it... But for now... Just shut the fuck up about this, you know they'd never approve of one of us having that. Would probably hang you off the side of an overpass if they knew. You'd do it to them if they had it!"

Jan closes the duffel bag and keeps on moving towards the safehouse at (M22), but falls short right next to the road, losing consciousness from an entire day without sleep, multiple brutal assaults from Syndicate forces, and infection

0AP left

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#66 4/2/12 22:46


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[6:48 AM, Cell D10]

As the truck disappeared into the distance, Vince lobbed a grenade at the three weaker Syndicate thugs, who were not-so-wisely crowded together behind the same window.

"What is......AW SHIT!!" one of the thugs yelped before being blown off his feet and across the room.

Vince chuckled, "Ha, got three of the bastards. Now there's just the heavily armored fella to worry about."

Without hesitation, Jin arose from cover and aimed his revolver at the officer's head. "Time to end this."

4 - 1 - 6 (Avg: 3.66666666667)

9 - 9 - 2 (Avg: 6.66666666667)

6 - 11 - 4 (Avg: 7.0)

(Total avg: 5.7777777778)



#67 5/2/12 0:40


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:00 AM  --Hideout, R20--  AP: 5

Malcolm jumps awake, leaping from his cot and waving his revolver at the imaginary intruders.  After a moment, his breathing slows and he sits back down, running his hand through his hair.  Eventually, he gets up and dresses, splashing his face with water from a sink to clear his head.  He straps the revolver to his hip and strolls out of the room into the main room.

He looks around the room casually, taking in the silver machinery and canisters of colorless Daodan Chrysalis sitting around the room.  A knock comes at the door, and he opens it, poking his gun into the man's stomach.

"I'm a hairsbreadth from riddlin' you with holes, Doctor!  Don't you know not to show up before eight?"

The doctor, a scrawny man with big round glasses, nods feebly.  "I know, but there's a lot of preparation to do before we put people under that thing!  Come a day there won't be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all. This job goes south, there well may not be another. So here is us, on the raggedy edge. Don't push me, and I won't push you. Dong le ma?"

Malcolm rolls his eyes and steps back, holstering his gun and letting the doctor in.  The doctor promptly starts buzzing about the machinery, preparing it for the day's customers.  In this day and age, there were only too many people willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a chrysalis, but not all of them could pass the TCTF's rigid security checks or pay the Syndicate's extortionist prices.  This left a huge market for underground Chrysalis dealers.  From daodan-loaded hypos to heated knives to shaman ceremonies, the Daodan dealers were everywhere.  But few actually had the proper equipment to make a stable Chrysalis, which gave Malcolm's operation a huge ace in the hole.

Soon the machines are humming, and the appointments are about to begin.  Mal lets the doctor do his work, and makes sure that no-one gets inside without paying in advance.

It's gonna be a good day.  Mal thinks to himself happily, waving his gun casually at a hopeful client, who rushed forward to pay Mal.

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#68 5/2/12 0:55


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[6:48 AM]

Nearby the Regional State Building (cell D10):
Jin steadied his hand and took the shot (-1 AP for Jin).

11 - 13 - 19 (Avg: 14.33333333333)

13 - 20 - 3 (Avg: 12.0)

7 - 17 - 8 (Avg: 10.66666666667)

(Total avg: 12.3333333333)

The bullet ricocheted off of the Syndicate officer's helmet. Jin took yet another shot, this time hitting the officer directly in the face. The officer spun to the left and stumbled back. When he turned around, his left cheek was handing off of his face, bleeding all over his uniform. He quickly reached for his pouch, took out a hypo spray and injected it into his left leg. The officer began to glow red and his cheek almost immediately healed. Jin and Vince, shocked from what they were seeing, stopped firing. Moments later, the officer ran up to Jin, picked him up by his shirt and violently slammed him onto the pavement (-2 AP for Jin). Jin, struggling to breathe, rolled over to the side and vomited. The officer then turned around and jumped on the Humvee's hood. Before he could make any further moves, however, Vince fired his shotgun at the officer's head. The officer's head exploded and he fell off the Humvee. Vince reloaded his smoking shotgun and dragged Jin into the vehicle.
       "Alright, that's enough for the day. We're going back to the headquarters." he said, starting the vehicle. "Are you alright? Can you speak?" he asked.
       "Yes, I'm not dead yet..." replied Jin, still finding it difficult to breathe. Vince pushed on the gas pedal and the vehicle began to move, running over the dead officer's body.

(Jin has 2 AP left)

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#69 5/2/12 19:54


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:45AM, J30, 1AP

Jan awoken from his nightmare in the cold snow to see three Striker grunts talking a few meters away

"So, feeling lucky to be on perimeter duty like us Jethro?"

"Yeah Jethro, your chances of being sniper fodder for the TCTF have gone up three hundred percent! You should be proud to be with the big boys now that you graduated from special eh--- Standing at a post all day doing nothing."

"Care for a cigarette Jethro? Here, catch!"

The grunt throws a lighter and pack of cigarettes just past Jethro's hands into the snow


Jethro turns around and begins to pick them up when the other Striker aims his AR-52 and fires a shotgun shell into his back, casually reloading the shell into the underbarrel shotgun and cocking it quickly

"Dumb son-of-a-bitch. Dead in his tracks! Didn't he know smoking kills?"

"Heheh, owned"

"Alright, enough, just stack him off by the dead body over there so he's off the main road, don't want Lucifer to know about any friendly fire incidents"

Jan closes his eyes before the Strikers can notice and tightens himself as a bleeding corpse falls on him. The two Strikers walk off to their car and drive it northbound on their patrol. Jan pushes the corpse aside and turns on his phone, calling Jin immediately

"...This is Jan... I'm going to need an immediate pickup... Things are not going to plan..."

Jan mutes his phone microphone and presses his radio

"...Windmill here... I need one of you... To find out where the hell... Doctor Tong is right now... And in the meantime, transfer me 50,000 cred to my bank account... From that heist we pulled off... a few years back..."

Jan injects his last hypospray painfully and immediately shelters from the cold in the abandoned gas station on the other side of the road



#70 6/2/12 16:29


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

* 5 AP *
7:35 AM
South of the Regional State Building (D9)

Micah Tal shivered a bit in the chill morning air, and glanced down at his watch for the fifth time in as many minutes. Where is he? He leaned over the edge of the roof he was on and scanned the ever growing crown of people on the sidewalk, three stories down. Not seeing the man he was looking for, he groaned and backed away from the edge. He’s late. That’s not good. Someone must have got him. Giving up, he threw one last hopeless glance at the street below, and caught himself. On the sidewalk below, a man was hurrying as fast as the tide of people around him would allow. He was carrying a coffee in one hand and a briefcase in the other. He was wearing a suit, worn from use, probably his only one. But despite the worn look, he was still better dressed than the majority of the people around him.

    Micah’s heartbeat sped up, as it always did when he was this close to a target. In a practiced motion, he swept back his jacket, swiping a small, slim knife from his belt as he did so and took careful aim at the figure hurrying below him. He hesitated for a second as he felt a pang of regret. He knew that, once the knife left his hand, there was no way to get it back. He hated losing his knives, and would normally have done the job with any of the other knives he had on him, up close and personal. But the person who had put out the contract had specified that it must be done with discretion, which just wasn’t possible to do from up close in a crowd like the one flowing beneath him. These days, more and more of the contractors don’t give a damn how it’s done, as long as the target is dead, but the occasional job, usually high-profile targets, or jobs put out by people who are new to the “business” and don’t want to attract any undue attention, require the kill to be carried out with discretion and anonymity. (Micah had to admit that killing him in this crowd wasn’t exactly low-profile, but there would be no witnesses as to who did it, which meant to way to trace the murder back to the contractor.) And anyways, he mused, I wouldn’t get away with a high-profile kill this close to a government building, and in that crowd.

    As Micah took aim, the rising run glinted off the knife, revealing the smears of poison he had coated the edges and tip with. He wasn’t under any illusions; his chances of striking a mortal blow this far from the target, and with a simple throwing knife were slim at best. With the poison, even a small cut would suffice. The poison had been relatively expensive to purchase, in comparison with the meager amount of money he currently possessed, but if he succeeded, the payoff would nearly double what he had paid for it.

    Finding a good shot, he pulled his arm back, and hurled the blade downwards. It missed by a few inches, striking the pavement just behind his heel and clattering away. Cursing he ducked out of sight as the people directly behind his target looked up to find the source of whatever had fallen. Micah scurried farther along the roof, drawing a second poisoned blade. He stood up quickly, and taking aim again, launched the second knife at his still oblivious target. This one lodged itself in his coffee cup, narrowly missing the man’s hand. The man yelped and dropped his cup, spilling the contents on the sidewalk. Not stopping to look for the source, he turned and ran back the way he had come, bowling people over in his haste. Uttering a harsh string of curses, Micah bolted for the fire escape. He had no choice; he needed to finish him up close. He slid down the fire escape and took off in pursuit. (Eastward)

7:39 AM
South East of the Regional State Building (D10)

    As the pursuit moved farther away, the crowd started to thin out. Glancing backwards, the man saw Micah closing in and, panicking, ducked into a nearby deserted alley. Micah smiled. You just made my job a whole lot easier. It took him a few short seconds to catch his fleeing target over opened ground. He grabbed on to the man’s left shoulder with his left hand while he activated the hidden blade attached to his wrist with a quick series of twitches with his forearm muscle. Without hesitation, he plunged into the back of the man’s neck, severing his spine and killing him instantly. The man dropped, lifeless, onto the cold, cracked pavement, blood pooling rapidly underneath him.

    Micah wiped the blood off on his victim’s suit and disengaged his knife with a quick slap of his wrist on his thigh. Going through the man’s pockets, he found a few Yen in change, probably from the coffee, a WCG ID badge, and a small holdout pistol, which the man had obviously forgotten about in his flight. He discarded the gun; he had no use for it, and kept the money and the ID badge. You never know when one of these might come in handy. Standing up, he took one last, disdainful look the corpse. He paused for a moment, to relish his accomplishment. Doubly so, now that he knew the man had been a WCG employee. He hated the WCG, and anyone affiliated with them. He was glad that he had been the one to take him down, although he knew the reason for that was because it was doubtful anyone else was trying. The payoff was low, even by Micah’s standards, and not worth the effort in the cases of most other bounty hunters. It probably just a personal grudge from someone who knew their way around the shadier side of the city. Regardless, he enjoyed any chance he could get to put a stick in the government’s wheels whenever he could.

    Taking a datapad out of one his pockets, he accessed the Net, and sent a message, with an attached picture of the corpse. It’s done. Then, he flipped over to his financial records, and, after a minute or two, saw the numbers update. He frowned. That was less than half of what the contract had promised. His datapad beeped, and he returned to his messages. The message he had received just said: Sloppy. Micah uttered another string of curses, and even ended up switching to another language because he had run out of English profanities. Not only did he lose money on the poison he had bought for this job, but he had lost not one, but two of his throwing knives. He knew it was no use begging for more, he doubted if he would even receive a reply. He walked back out the alley, giving the corpse a kick for good measure as he left, and started southward, in search of somewhere to spend the night, away from the prying eyes of TCTF, Police Force and military patrols.

(-2 AP, 3 AP left)

"He looks mean enough to tear my arm off and beat me to death with it. In fact, he looks mean enough to tear his OWN arm off and beat me to death with it."


#71 6/2/12 17:23


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:55AM, J30, 2AP left

Jan looked at his watch, catching a hallucinatory glimmer of Yukie behind him in the glass' reflection

"Not good enough, I need to get out here now!"

Jan began to walk when another Syndicate vehicle came by with three Strikers in it, unloading quickly next to the gas station

"Lucifer confirmed the intruder himself. Gray shirt, TCTF equipment, and a transmitter. He'll stand out in the snow here."

"Indeed. Stahl, you're with me. Vaughton, you stay here with the car. Patrol Seven reported this guy picked off Jethro around this area and is probably trying to escape. Me and Stahl will check the woods then finish off with the gas station. If we are not back in ten minutes, radio post 34E for backup."


"Roger sir"

Jan looked over the window at them, forgetting to turn off his HUD, barely being lucky that they had not noticed the purple glow as they left into the woods surrounding the road. Jan immediately got up from hiding and shot a single silenced shot from his MK6 into the Striker's head and dragged his body into the gas station (-1AP), beginning to take the plainclothes Striker's clothes and his ID card and putting them on over his normal clothing.

"Now to pray the TCTF doesn't raid this place any second..."

Jan got himself into the car left by the other two and started driving down the path to the gatehouse, and immediately shown his scavenged ID to the guard disguised as a legitimate police officer. Immediately without care or double checking the guard let him through, ignoring procedure. In fact, had the guard followed procedure, he would have seen that Thomas Vaughton was assigned to unit 34D, which was currently assigned as backup for patrol 7. Jan promptly drove off in the vehicle towards the area around his safehouse

"Alright, looks like Dallas transferred the funds to my account, but where the hell is Dr. Tong?"

"This is Windmill. Again, do any of you know where Dr. Tong could be around this city? Can't be far from where we holed up."

Jan keeps on driving towards M22's general area, trying to ignore the painful infection caused from his wounds exposed to the air (-1AP)

0AP left



#72 6/2/12 17:56


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:58 AM, R20, AP: 5

Dr. Tong's phone suddenly rings, making him jump slightly while running the Chrysalis implantation machine.  The computer asks him if he wishes to continue with the new command, and he tells it no, setting it back on the proper configuration.  Deftly, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out an earpiece.

"Hello?"  He asks irritatedly.  A few seconds pass as the caller speaks, and then Tong responds.  "I'm working a job a few blocks away, why?  ...I see.  Tell him to drive to the corner of 33rd and Mihibusho, he'll be able to find me from there... No!  Look, I'm kinda busy right now, so I'll call you back later."  Tong hangs up the phone and focuses on the machine again.

"What was that?"  Mal asks from his seat, "And why did you tell them where we're at?"

"It was an associate of mine.  One of our mutual friends seems to have gotten himself torn up some.  Apparently he needs me to do the stitching."

"As long as he can pay, and don't bring the fuzz down on us, I'm happy."  Mal says as he goes back to taking people's money.

8:00 AM, J29
Jan's radio goes off, and a voice comes through with some static.

"Windmill, you still alive out there?  I've got... on Tong.  He says to go to the intersection of 33rd and Mihibusho, you should be able to... from there.  Good luck, man."

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

8:00AM, On route to R20, 0AP (In medio actio)

Jan continued to drive his stolen vehicle down the road and torn off the clothes the unarmored Striker was wearing as he came to a halt at an intersection.

"Tong... Damn, never thought I would be needing help from him..."

Jan's mind began to drift at random from the infection setting in, thinking of people he knew, from Yukie, to Tong, to 'Dallas'

Jan, 'Dallas', and 'Redeemer' walked into the lobby with balaclavas on, shouting at scrambling civilians and shooting black adders into the air as Jan shuts off all the security from his laptop

"Listen up! This is a robbery, we wanna harm noone!"

Jan sat on the couch and comforted Yukie as she randomly muttered things

"They didn't give me a choice in the matter..."

"...Relax, none of this changes what I think of you..."

Jan quickly sniped the Strikers about to gun down the recently disbarred doctor in the alley for undercutting their business

8:20AM, R20

Jan quickly came into focus as he approached his destination, seeing a few other cars parked nearby. More than the number of tenants of the apartments nearby.

"This must be... It..."

Jan got out and quickly began to withdraw funds from a nearby ATM and stuffed the money it into a suitcase that was formerly storing a Black Adder he found in the car, and walked into the apartment, leaving his bag in the car. As soon as he came upstairs to where Tong should be and saw a few people huddled up away from window's view. Jan immediately went up and lined up with them with his suitcase in his hand.

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#74 6/2/12 21:08


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

8:25 AM, R20, 5AP

Ahead, the door is kicked open and a man is thrown out, scrambling away.  A brown coated figure follows, a pistol gripped in his hand.  He shouts at the other man, who freezes in fear.

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til you understand who's in ruttin' command here! Now you come back with real money, and then maybe, maybe we'll see if you can buy the quality stuff.  Now get outta here before I change my mind!"

Mal looks at the line of customers.  He sees Jan at the back of the line, and walks up to him, holstering his pistol.

"You look hurt, mister.  You sure you're strong enough to take on this kind of... heavy burden?"  He turns back to the room, calling out, "Hey Doctor!  Come see if this here guy is your man!"

Dr. Tong comes out of the door and looks at Jan.  "Windmill!  What happened to you?  Come lay down, before you pass out."

Tong ushers Jan into the room, past a man laying under an advanced looking machine.  Tong clears off a desk, and helps Jan lay down on it.  He cuts away the clothing around the wound, and begins work on cleaning it, injecting a Hypo into his artery to dull the pain.  Mal casually takes the suitcase from Jan and opens it, counting the money.  He holds up the canister of Daodan, inspecting it closely.

"Good stuff, kid.  You looking to get some of this in you?"

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#75 6/2/12 21:48


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

8:25AM, R20, 0AP

Jan looked over at Malcolm counting the money


Jan's vision began to darken out from the sheer amount of hypos during the past hour and started hallucinating again as Malcolm gave Tong the go ahead for what he was doing, a set of almost fluorescent orange eyes appearing in his vision from the background, Jan promptly shut out the hallucination from his mind and begin to fall asleep from the anesthetic in the hypo and began thinking to himself, praying that whatever he had found wouldn't create the obvious side-effects seen in Yukie.

Now just to pray...

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