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#1 30/8/07 19:22

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Cool to see an active Oni community here. I played the game a few years ago, then lent it to my friend and never saw it again. I downloaded demoni though and that was enough of a taste to respark my interest in the game.

I didn't realize so much effort was put in the individual characters by the dev team, like I never bothered shapeshifting before because i thought it was a hokey cheat little more than a glitch. Now though, after playing as the tanker and the fury and especially that sweet sweet ninja, I see the potential for multiplayer and lament that it was never included.

I've already seen that multiplayer is a ways off if it is ever implemented, and unfortunately I know very little about programming so I can't offer any help. It also sucks that I can't even play the single player because my game is probably lost forever, and there's not even any signs of a possible sequel. Sigh.

Anyhow, I raise my glass to one of the best PC games ever made, even if it was missing levels, missing multiplayer, unpolished, and a bit tedious at times. Keep up the good work.


#2 1/12/07 14:51

From: Portugal
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Re: Whaddup

Welcome. smile


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