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#1 25/7/11 6:45

Registered: 13/6/11

***[BETA]BARABpowerup ANIM[BETA]***

hi !, i've create a new anim,an alternative of the powerup of barabus anim,it's a test and i've comited a mistake smile if you see good i've jump a frame,but the anim are fine (half) it's just a test smile if you want to see here the DAE. i think to make new particle but i can see... 3ds max is that now no more compatible with oni and are alot bugged for file -> oni export/import etc. you can see in the anim (triggered if you are at 10% health with IGMD file small changed) smile he fall on the ground and touch him hearth because et are very week and the and the particle begin in a few times smile sleep 11 ^^ see you later.

and how to add particle in games ? ty
here the DAE http://download208.mediafire.com/7w9qxa … p+test.dae


#2 25/7/11 6:48

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

Re: ***[BETA]BARABpowerup ANIM[BETA]***

i just wish u'd update ur old threads instead of posting new ones everytime ^_^ it's getting confusing.

and about the animation : he basically kneels right ? or am i missing something ? .. tbh he looks more like he's surrendering rather than powering up, and u'd need to add the transition for him to stand up again.

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