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#26 3/7/11 14:03

From: Seattle, WA, USA
Registered: 30/8/07

Re: Don't we need a better chat?

TOCS wrote:

Ohh crap, the whole "Flash is old and useless" movement payed a visit here as well. :< Someone really likes Steve Jobs. :3

No, just inefficient and slow.

Iritscen: roll
Iritscen: it's amazing this program even works
Gumby: i know
Iritscen: and that statement applies to my code, not just yours


#27 3/7/11 14:44

From: Denmark
Registered: 4/4/07

Re: Don't we need a better chat?

I've never had any problems with Flash at all. :3 But anyway we got this new IRC which works fine.


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