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#1 28/7/07 12:14

Registered: 24/7/07

Newbie, wants to eidt

Hey, you guys I just signed up and this is my first post.
The reson I signed up for here is because I wanna create custom Oni levels. As far as I got with reading through whatever could (understand) this is still kinda impossible? Or probably just too complicagted to me, anyway.
I got the UnPacker and the Script Editor. As far as I could understand it the Unpacker is for editing in game files such as sounds, meshes and etc. While the real level making is within scriping?
Correct me if/because I'm wrong so far.
Well, actually I can't really get it at all. Can some help me get started, please. I'd love to pitch in with any help for further development on the tools (if I end being able to).
Soo ... anyone up to getting me clued in to what's going on and how's it done?


#2 28/7/07 18:06

From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: 13/1/07

Re: Newbie, wants to eidt

To get started take a look at this page:

It shows how you can modify weapons, Konoko's appearance, Barabas jetpack, breaking glass.
This can give you an idea what is involved with OUP.

So far, there is no way to create new levels.


#3 29/7/07 5:50

From: beyond the veil
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Newbie, wants to eidt

Scripts are texts files which define the logic of Oni's missions (what should happen when Konoko reaches some point? maybe we should play a cutscene, or maybe we should just spawn some enemies, etc etc).
This is known as "scripts" or sometimes "macros" in other games, but in any case it has nothing to do with editing the game's content: scripts only let you modify the level's interactivity on a high level.
The scripting language is well understood by now, but it hasn't been documented for the masses. There is no complete system of tutorials. I encourage people to use the Dev Mode console to learn BSL.
I have been documenting features of BSL on the Oni Galore wiki, trying to go beyond ssg's Oni Stuff, but so far only the table of preset variablesis more or less complete with the current knowledge.

The actual content of Oni is packed in the binary archives (DAT/RAW/SEP). You can get details on the binary data here: http://wiki.oni2.net/index.php/OBD:Oni_Binary_Data
Simply put, there is binary content available globally (level0), and there's content specific to every level. Character models and entities such as trigger volumes are all local.
AKEV is the main file that hosts all the data about level: http://wiki.oni2.net/index.php/OBD:AKEV . If you browse that thing, you'll notice there' much more to it than geometry.
For example, every quad has a bunch of flags specific to Oni's engine (the effect of some is still unknown). An editor would have to handle them all when making a new level.
Other important features are the pathfinding grids (used by the AI to find their way around the environment) and the octtree (used for visibility and quick location of entities).
The pathfinding information and the octtree subdivision of the level would have to be generated more or less automatically from the level geometry. We can't do that ATM.
I mean, the algorithms needed are rather simple, but to make the whole thing Just Work is just too much trouble for no clear results (what custom levels can we expect? smile )

On a final note, OUP doesn't let one import sounds or meshes yet. Our knowledge of the formats is enough for export, bit for import it has to be absolute. Same as for levels smile

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