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#1 23/8/10 8:28

From: Romania, Bucharest
Registered: 26/10/09

Alien Swarm

Is a great mod made and supported by a team hired by valve. The mod roots from the UT2k4 mod and it's free to play on Steam. It's built using the newer SDK, and has most feautures from the Source engine's major updates.
To get it:
If you have a Source based game, then you just need to find it in Steam.
If you don't, you may luckily have a graphics processor manufactured by ATi or NVIDIA. If so, search for ATi or NVIDIA's Steam offer, there you can download Half-Life 2 Deathmatch (and the rest). After that find Alien Swarm in Steam and dl it.

It's only stairstep left to become a full game (and a good one) is more levels. Currently it only has 1 big mission on all difficulties, with people or cpu. It has a bunch of custom missions if you get tired of the original.
The interface is simillar to Left4dead, menu and in-game, but still moddified. You may even see some L4D original models, but it's ignorable.

For me, I enjoyed playing this with some steam friends, and it would be more fun with a real friend in lan. I've finished the campaign 2 times, normal and hard. The players are nearly forced to cooperate, like in l4d.

Well have fun and add me to friends in Steam so we can play in an arranged team.


#2 24/8/10 20:26

From: Seattle, WA, USA
Registered: 30/8/07

Re: Alien Swarm

Have it, beat it on hard, it's fun. I'm waiting for more custom levels.

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