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#1 16/2/10 12:06

Registered: 16/2/10

Longing for new generation of ONI

When I touched ONI,I was really shocked and addicted in the game. In my opinion,its movement ,striking force and presentation were exquisite at that time. 
But many years has passed, BUNGIE got a series of evolution. And the new generation of ONI seems to be a desperate dream.
I have no idea about how does BUNGIE think of his old masterpiece, but as titled, I really long for ONI 2 or something like that.

By the way, I am a loyal Chinese ONI fan. The Kongfu element in ONI is one of the reasons that I become fond of ONI.

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#2 16/2/10 12:54

From: Denmark
Registered: 4/4/07

Re: Longing for new generation of ONI

Welcome to the central!

I think every active member around here would like to see the daylight for a sequel, but both Bungie and Take Two has other plans. Even if we could draw there attention, there would be problems about the rights to Oni.

Looking on the bright side; we are progressing every day. I think in a matter of years it'll be possible for us to make our own fan made sequel. Alot of new contributing members has joined within a year, so who knows.. maybe all this will look different a few years ahead.

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#3 16/2/10 13:45

From: Colorado
Registered: 17/10/08

Re: Longing for new generation of ONI

Welcome. Yes i too want a new Oni game, but it did nothing for the gaming world, so my hopes are low. But it did change a lot of people here, and they work a lot in making improvements in oni.
and seeing as your name is sephiroth i think its fitting to have this playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7wJ8pE2qKU

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