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#1 15/7/09 13:37

From: Denmark
Registered: 4/4/07

Very strange clip

I saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9BNtsKp … -fresh+div
And there were some very strange things going on, see for yourself, what's it all about?


#2 15/7/09 14:19

From: France
Registered: 11/2/09

Re: Very strange clip

Sounds like propaganda lol !

Note that the author notes that « [they] made it only for [their] private purpose, especialy for one person ». So the obscureness of the video is justified.

But it's really, really weird anyway.


#3 15/7/09 18:37

Ire Yosuke
Registered: 23/5/09

Re: Very strange clip

Well I can help here since I'm polish (and it's in polish).
First off the movie it self has NO POINT. Even if I did a word by word translation it wouldn't make any sense. Why?
because most of the phrases are like "You suck, you can't do that In real life and I can, ha ha" So yeah. The CBA sign stands for Central Bureau of Anti Coruption. Odd. Even in english the acronym is fine smile
Non the less the commentary says nothing about it.
The faces are refferences to :
1. Donald Tusk (barabas) polish prime minister
2. Kononowicz, a famous dolt who thought he could be a politician (famous phrase "There well be no drinking, no smoking, no nothing, and nothing will be.")
I guess some one did get into Oni modding and overdid the whole thing.
Anyway, what's interesting, after he kills the pseudo barabas there is an auto taunt "Justice is done" which is only played when the player dies and the TCTF elite is standing over him. That has to be a nice script. I'd love to have one of those.

Also check this out
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoE3cBDO … re=related

Some nice scripting and notice how the TCTF elite (not black ops) also has CBA on his back.

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#4 15/7/09 22:03

From: Da Nang, Vietnam
Registered: 10/5/08

Re: Very strange clip

That's a strange, but an interesting clip anyway big_smile

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#5 16/7/09 10:11

From: Colorado
Registered: 17/10/08

Re: Very strange clip

hmm i was interested in the christmas one.

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#6 16/7/09 10:27

From: San Mauro Torinese, Italy
Registered: 12/1/09

Re: Very strange clip

the christmas one is pretty nicely done, indeed.:)

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