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#1 5/1/11 18:37

Lukas Kreator

Help with the lastest AE

I just installed the lastest AE, because I didn't know about it, but then a lot of characters are now with white heads and some report a weird error when I try to shapeshift to them... I don't know if you already discussed this problem, or if I just did something wrong... I used the Windows Patch. Anyway, I will see if installing the character variant fix again fix any of this problems.

EDIT: Nope. The error is something like "VariantList_Variant_GetByVariant".

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#2 5/1/11 18:45

Lukas Kreator

Re: Help with the lastest AE

Oh, seems reinstalling AE without SeverEd textures, after applying the Character Variant Fix fixed both issues...

But I wished I could use that HD textures...

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#3 6/1/11 1:01


Re: Help with the lastest AE

Careful with the Character Variant fix. It is currently unsupported by the AE Team, as we don't support anyone messing with the Globalization folder.

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