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Interview with Marty O'Donnell, Total Audio

After the Power of Seven interview last week, we were curious about the respective musical roles of PoS and Total Audio for Oni. We asked Marty O'Donnell, of Total Audio, a few questions, and he was gracious enough to pass on some nice info!

OC: How does the music for the Oni project get split between you and Power of Seven?

Marty: I'm in charge of all audio production for Oni from this point forward (and have been for quite some time). In addition to sound design, we're using all of Power of Seven's music, plus scoring the cut scenes and composing and producing dynamic music for the game.

OC: Is Power of Seven basically done with their part of composing music?

Marty: I believe that they have finished their part. They've composed and produced all the pieces they were asked to do, and now it's up to me to determine how all the music will be implemented in the game. They might do some more if the need arises. They write very cool music.

OC: Is it hard to compose music for an anime-influenced game?

Marty: There is no single "anime style" of music. Anime has used everything from symphonic to trance. I'm approaching "Oni" like anything else, with the question "what feels best?" I'm working closely with the folks at Bungie West to enhance their vision of the game through sound and music.

OC: Are actors for voices in Oni chosen yet? Anyone from the Bungie crew part of it?

Marty: Not yet, but we're in the process right now. We've gone through the first cut on auditioning actors. It takes some time but it's worth it to get it right. If you want to hear the Bungie crew acting, get "The Total Codex" and check out the voice work in "Chimera". Let's just say that the phrase "don't call us, we'll call you" has come in handy.

OC: Will you do the foreign language voice production too? (for localised versions of Oni)

Marty: Not likely. There are companies that specialize it that sort of thing, but I wouldn't mind being a little closer to that process.

OC: Will we hear anything you've done for Oni in the near future (e.g. E3, or MWNY)

Marty: Yes, absolutely.

Thanks, Marty!

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