Oni Central is back!

Woohoo! Finally back again, and as you can see the return brings in a new design. I hope all is easier to navigate, and from now on the main page at Oni Central will give you only the headlines of the news posted, so page loading is faster and you know what’s new real quick.

Another change is that I, Harry, am now the sole maintainer of Oni Central, so if you have news to submit, send it to me. Not everything is restored yet, I am working on getting all the archived stuff back into the new Oni Central ASAP.

Special thanks to Claude Errera for helping me sort out Oni Central, and Phil for providing the space for hosting Oni Central. You rock guys!

I’ll be catching up with the recent Oni happenings as soon as I get it all sorted out 🙂 Please let me know what you think of the new Oni Central!

-Harry Al-Shakarchi (aka TomeOne)