Catch up on news

Well, during Oni Central’s downtime, stuff has been happening around Oni. Coincidence?

To begin with, two online previews of Oni came out, one by Gamespot UK, the other by Gamertech. No new screenshots, but Gamertech boasts all sorts of information and only rates Oni 9 out of 10 because the possible lack of internet multiplayer.

Next comes some stuff from Bungie themselves: Bungie West is in need of another texture artist/3D modeler, seems like they are going into full steam to get this game done. Also, they still seek a programmer to do work on the AI system, among other things. Recently, we heard that Chris Butcher joined the Bungie West team, but his responsibilities are unknown to this point. On another note, Alex Okita has put up the Westcam, a Bungie West webcam looking at the corner where Chris Hughes, Hamilton Chu, Steve Abeyta and Alex himself work.